Would you take a minute...

2:25:00 AM

...and vote?

Hi all, and happy weekend.

First off, I'd like to thank all of the readers who emailed and commented about my jelly roll conundrum. You've been a massive help and I thank you - you've all opened my eyes to the possibilities of piecing with jelly rolls! Now I have a massive decision to make. No pressure!

Secondly - I'm wondering if I can ask a favor of my readers.

I recently participated in the "Pink Is..." mosaic contest at Stitched in Color. I've been lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in the contest with my mosaic, "Pink is {spring}":

I'm wondering if I could ask that everyone take a quick minute to head over to Rachel's blog and vote. Hopefully you'll just happen to vote for me *cheesy grin*.

Have a productive weekend everyone, be it sewing, shoveling snow, or RELAXING!

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  1. VOTED xx mmm wonder who for? lol x

  2. Voted! Now if we can get Spring to hurry and come early this year!!! :)

  3. Just voted...need some serious spring weather!

  4. Totally forgot to do my mosaic, will definitely vote for yours!

    1. Your in the lead as of right now.

  5. Just gave you a vote! I love the green! And you're still in the lead :-)

  6. I voted yesterday..and I did vote for yours before I knew it was yours... so very springy!

  7. Just voted for you. I like the freshness of your choices. Pink can be cloying on it's own. Roll on Spring!

  8. I love the almost-solids you used, and the simplicity of this two-colour palette. Good luck!

  9. Congrats on your win! Can you check to see if I linked to the correct fabrics on the post today and then contact me with your address for the winning bundle?


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