Sophie Saver

11:39:00 AM

When my sister saw my carseat toy strap, she requested I make her a Sophie Saver. For those not familiar with Sophie, she's this chew-toy giraffe that little ones become obsessed with:
You've probably seen some little one at some point noshing on one of these like a starved man mowing down on a 20oz T-bone.

My niece recently lost hers; she tossed it over the side of the buggy at the local mall and had a conniption fit when two hours later my sister, to her dismay, couldn't find it.

Hence the "Sophie Saver" request.

Some people call it a Sophie Leash. Some a Saver. Others a Clip.

It's a friggin' noose tied around that creepy-lookin', annoyingly squeaky giraffe's neck, with the other end of it clipped to your kid so when he/she decides to send Sophie sky-diving, it turns into a bungee jumping expedition instead.

Of course, my kid also has one of these hoofed toys, and has recently become quite obsessed with her as well. Sigh.

Here are the "Savers" I sewed on my brand new machine yesterday!!  
...poor Sophie...

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