A new machine, a new project.

10:45:00 AM

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet.

I bought my new machine - my first ever very own brand new machine!

The hand-me-down machine I've been sewing on for the last 20 years (yes, 20) is going in a closet as my back-up machine. I'll give it a good clean and then it's time to retire ol' Bessy.

I should have the new machine by the end of next week; in the meantime, it's time to get crackin' emptying out my soon-to-be sewing area and to make a trip to IKEA. 

In other news, my mum has asked me/commissioned a quilt for her queen master bed. 

I have been dying to find an excuse to use this line of fabrics:
Aviary 2, by Joel Dewberry
.... and out of that color line, these two fabrics especially:
Sparrows, in Vintage Yellow

Woodgrain, in Vintage Yellow
 ...my mum didn't really have an idea in mind when it came to colors, so when I started suggesting color matches and she liked the idea of yellow and grey tones, I immediately thought of these fabrics. And then, lo and behold, Lindsay over at Hawthorne Threads just completed a project using this line and another, Maasi Mari by Dear Stella, 

and the pairing is brilliant. So now I have twice as many fabrics to choose from when constructing her quilt, thanks to the ideas of Lindsay.

My mum has chosen a snowball block styled quilt, like this:

so we'll see what kind of a spin I can put on it!

I did manage to find this tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew, a great tip for sewing your smaller blocks to the corners of your larger blocks without having to draw a diagonal on each small block!

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