Ugh! Make a bloody decision already!

11:05:00 PM

I need a new machine.

I mean, my current machine is alright, I suppose. Despite only having 2 speeds ( FAST!! and FUCKING FAST!!!) and constantly jamming on me and being a relic... it does the a job.

So I was thinking of getting this machine:
Brother cs6000i
...a Brother, which, is what I have right now and it's been a good work-horse. But, I wasn't quite happy with all of the reviews, despite it being one of the best reviewed on a certain giant online purchasing site.

So then I got to thinking that maybe I should quit cheaping out and pony-up some more dough.  Or, more accurately, since I'm not working, ask my husband if I can pony-up more of his dough.

Not a lot more, but enough to make a bit of a difference in the machine I could buy. 

Commence researching - again.

I *think* I've found 'the' machine...
Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist's a Singer, and one of the highest rated in my (new) price range. Now I just have to bite the bullet, click 'order', and spend the money...

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