Add-a-Border Block Swap

11:33:00 AM

So I just recently joined a flikr round-robin group called 'Add-a-Border Block Swap'. You should check them out. It's a really neat idea - you start by making a 6.5" block (or more), mail it to the coordinator, then you get as many blocks as you mailed in return. To which you add a border to. Then mail them back. Then you get more to add a border to. Then mail them back. All the way up to 24". And then you get to keep the block if you like, or send them back and start over.
It's cool!

I decided to start with 2 simple blocks, since this week has been so nutters around here and I have little energy for sewing lately.

Here are my first two contributions:

Watermelon Lovin' and Tiffany Slash
Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. I really love that Watermelon Lovin' block. I'm so hoping Cecil will send it to me, I have a great idea for a border. :)

  2. Hey Anna!
    I hope you get the watermelon block, too!
    Thanks for stopping by xo


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