Fabric shopping! Wanna help?

10:48:00 AM

As a follow-up to yesterday's post where I purchased (finally!) this fabric:
Seaside Cottage, Heather Mulder Peterson
(Henry Glass Fabrics)
... and now I have to fabric shop, which I almost always do online. Oh shucks. How hard is life? (and I ask you - is there anything better than shopping for fabric? Yes! Receiving that fabric in it's nice little box!)

So I thought, for the next week, I'd enlist the help of anyone who decides to pop by and read my blog...and you'll see what fabric I decide in - maybe in the finished project?

So here we go. Here are your options & the poll.

Please select one Teal option, one Red option.
Red Option 1
Red Option 2
Red Option 3
Red Option 4
Teal Option 1
Teal Option 2
Teal Option 3
Teal Option 4

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  1. Those are such cute fabrics, I really should start shopping online, but it's just so much more convenient to pop over to Joann's and pick something up.

    1. Ya - I don't have a Joann's very near me is the thing; and the one closest to me doesn't have the greatest selection :(. There's another fabric shop about a block away, and while they have a pretty good selection of Konas and batiks, everything else in the cotton dept is lacking...
      Doesn't mean I'm not in there at least once a week, though! hahaha.

  2. I love your choices!!! And I do most of my fabric shopping online... I have a hard time finding what I like in local stores, and I can usually find it cheaper online (more fabric for me!) :)

    Btw--congrats on your moda bake shop feature!! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Fabric online is definitely cheaper (most of the time) and the selection is unreal. Too much! hahaha.

      Thank you for stopping by!! Are you excited to get started in November?

  3. it was hard to decide....i do most of my shopping online also...i love getting packages with fun new fabric at my door.

    1. I know what you mean! And I sit in the front room watching out the window for the postlady...it's like Christmas when fabric comes. Eep!


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