Gah! Tell me this has happened to you!

3:00:00 AM

I am so mad at myself right now.

For months, I waited for this fabric to be released as I wanted (read: desperately needed) to use it in the masterbed king quilt I'd been planning for more than a year:

"Cottage Flowers in Cream":
Seaside Cottage by Heather Mulder Peterson
And now. It's unavailable. Everywhere I've checked, everyone is sold out. Fackadoodles. I quite literally reached up and gave myself a smack on the forehead last night, when, much to my dismay, this fabric is no where to be found.

Back to the drawing board on THAT one. Grr.

If anyone reading this has found an equally gorgeous cotton with reds, aquas and creams, please, let me know.

AND! I stand corrected!!!!! My good friend (forever now! lol) 
at NissaMade found me ma fabric at FQS! eep!!
Just ordered 4 yards of it...not gonna wait on it! hahaha!

Thank you Nissa!!!

In other news, I've been plugging away at the apple core quilt for my daughter while she naps:
work in progress on the design wall
It's a slow going process, and once it's done I'll most definitely post a tutorial with tips that I found worked when piecing such crazy, wonky, curved seams:
uh...not for the easily frustrated/short tempered!
It's a tough go, but I LOVE IT so far! I had some light pink minky I was going to back it in, but then I got an email from this morning and their minky is on sale; so I picked up a GORGEOUS purple to go with it instead.

I've also been working hard (intermittently) cutting out all of the pieces from my fat quarter stack to send off for my round of the bees I'm participating in:
I've cut 3/4s of what I need to, and so far, that pile of mess to the right has been my only wastage. I'm very proud of myself for that - utilizing as much of my FQs as possible! (it's the cheap side of me coming out...)


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  1. bah on the sold out fabric! how furstrating!

    1. Thank you SO much again, Nissa! I really appreciate it. I was so upset when I couldn't find it! I must have had a brain fart? lol.

  2. Oh, I really like that branch/leaf fabric towards the end, I'm hoping some will make it my way for some flying geese. :)

    I'm glad you found the fabric you wanted, it's gorgeous.

    1. I know! That fabric is gorgeous...good thing they were the duplicates in the FQB! So odds are, you'll have at least one piece in your stack, if not two in different colorways :)

      Thanks for popping by Anna!


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