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My tip this week is: 

(drum roll please)

My cordless iron.

Ladies, I call her Lucy.

 Isn't she sexy?

Oooh, and there's her base:
There's a bit of a story to Lucy.

About 11 years ago, I moved out on my own. At the same time, my mum was relocating to another town, about 4 hours away. Commence purge of 35 years worth of general household accumulation...

One such item was her ancient iron. I say ancient jokingly - I know they didn't have electric irons in ancient times. *wink*

Uh - I'm not sure how to word this, but - that iron was a piece of proverbial feces. Badness. It blew certain circuits when I used the wrong outlet in the apartment I was living in. It left rust stains all over everything. It leaked like a freakin' sieve.

But, I was broke. I couldn't even afford an iron, for Pete's sake. I was in University, my boyfriend (now hubs) was doing his PhD - we were living off of student loans and my part-time weekend & evening job with hours that nearly killed me. (another story, another time).

So when my mum got wind of the fact this iron was such a piece of pooh-pooh (after a profuse cursing spree when the shirt I was ironing for hubs' interview ended up with rust all over it...again...), she took it upon herself to give me a new one for Christmas one year. <tears in eyes> That's when Lucy came into my life.

If someone gave me this iron now, I'd be ecstatic. Uh - come on! It's frickin' CORDLESS!!! Quilter's dream.

When you're in your early twenties, and you receive an appliance for Christmas, you refrain from showing the disappointment/disapproval, etc. I couldn't believe my mum had bought me an iron for crying out loud. What next? A crockpot?

(ended up she did buy me a crockpot - but about 3 Christmas' later :P)

Now? Same iron. And I don't honestly know what I would do without her.

Oh, Lucy - don't ever leave me, k? 

Honestly, ladies. If you don't have a cordless, you have to get one. They're not as expensive as you'd think, and I love mine (obviously, look at the ridiculously long post I just wrote about a stupid iron! hahaha).

So hop on over to Amazon now, add one to your wishlist for Kissmas. Your hubby needs ideas ;)

Don't forget to link up your tip, trick or tutorial from your blog below! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Omg, I have an equally POS iron that I inherited from someone. I use it in conjunction with a spray bottle so the rust and leaking aren't as big of an issue, but every time I plug it in the lights in my craft room noticeably dim. I think it's time for a new one.

    1. LOL. I think it's time for a new one, too! DO IT! lol. I *love* my iron. ....swoon....

  2. I have a cordless iron I wasn't using until I started quilting and paper piecing. Now its a blessing.


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