W.I.P. Wednesday: on the sewing table now...

10:35:00 AM

Sorry I haven't been around as of late. I've had company in town, and have had to play tourist guide (and, have had fun doing it!)

So here's what is on my sewing table right now:

Hexie Stockings:
I've decided this year to make new stockings for the whole family: me, hubby, baby, and the dog. Yes, the dog too.

I have the hexie-portion of one stocking done; I have to quilt it, attach the cuff and backing, and then we're cookin'.

...more on this project later. I'll try and write a tutorial for the stocking & English paper piecing tips that I've found useful during this whole process.

In the meantime, here's my sewing table:
... it's like a bomb hit it. Yikes. I've got my FQ stack of Christmas fabrics for the stockings, stacks of Bee blocks that just came in, fabric for my dining room curtains, cut and ready to be sewn; coffee (of course); fabric stacks for a moda project submission, and in the foreground the never ending supposed "Quick Quilt" which has so many freakin' little squares to be cut...I think I need about 300 more?  <sigh>

Linking up today to "Freshly Pieced":
Lots of love and happy quilting!

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  1. Love the hexie stocking - wow!! It will be fabulous when complete!

    1. Thanks Amy! I hope so...they're taking forever and a day to complete :P

  2. Great stocking. Can't wait to see what happens to those bee blocks. :)

    1. Thanks Anna - I can't wait to get assembling those blocks! Man, it's gonna look good! (I hope :D)

  3. Wow that looks like so much work which will pay off- fantastic! What chair do you use to sew (in the pic) I need a new chair as mine is just an old office chair and hurts my back.


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