fat quarters to swap; saturday shenanigans

6:00:00 AM

Recently, Rachel from Sew Happily Ever After and I started a solids fat quarter swap. I sent the color assignments out Thursday, and yesterday I traipsed my way up to the fabric shop, through snow and ice and wind... (it wasn't that bad :p)

I picked up my contribution to the swap:

4 FQs of Kona Celadon (left)
4 FQs of Kona Leaf (right)
And, all would be good but - I signed up for 2 spots. D'oh! Only bought enough for 8 FQs instead of the 16 that I needed.
(slaps head)
That's ok though. An excuse to head to the fabric store again yesterday afternoon...teehee...

.... to pick up 2 more colors, and cut up into 8 FQs:
4 FQs of Kona Palm
4 FQs of Kona Holly
For those participating in the swap: I've put a 'Swap Tracker' in my sidebar; you can come here to see as your package has been sent, received, and then mailed out again!

I've been slowly but surely working away at these snowball blocks, which I'll continue to plug away on today:

And, I was sincerely hoping to find this ruler:
Clearview 60 deg 12.5" triangle ruler
on sale somewhere over Christmas or Boxing Day, but alas, not. And I'm dying to try it out, I already have a quilt design in mind for it, and I don't mind paying the $25 for the template - I just can't seem to justify spending the $5+ on shipping that everyone seems to want...

Any suggestions readers?

I also managed to fix my "Pin it" buttons - YAY! - and will do a quick tutorial on how to add one to Blogger for everyone soon.

Happy Saturday!

- Erin

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