new buttons, snow, & some jabber

6:00:00 AM

Is it as 'wintery' where you are as it is here?

Opened the blinds this morning and it looks as though Frosty had a bit of an upset stomach last night...anyone know where we can get the guy some snowman Immodium?

I kid, I kid. Okay, not really. It's pretty white here in Chicago...

Last's gotten worse since then...
I'm going to have to dig out my boots to walk to the fabric store today to pick up my color assignment (GREEN!!) for the Simply Solids Fat Quarter Swap.

It's a tough life, I know, when you can walk to your local fabric store (Heaven help my credit cards...)

Well, I've been doing a little bit of touching-up of the ol' blog, and if you're a regular follower, you'll probably notice a few updates here and there. I have a new menu bar:
... which, if you're interested, I'll be writing up soon as a 'tips & tricks' feature.

Speaking of 'tips and tricks tuesdays: what would MacGyver do?', I've updated my buttons for blogs linking up and for the good hosts:
MacGyverButton and   MacGyverhost

I've also recently dressed up the sidebars and post titles with some new font and title images, which, when I get a chance I will also write up as a blogging tip for tips & tricks tuesdays:

In other news, fabric assignments went out yesterday for the Simply Solids Fat Quarter Swap; I've had so many emails from the people participating telling me how excited they are that they're doing this. Truth be told? I think Rachel and I are even more excited.


Because we're fabric / sewing / quilting geeks, and, darned proud of it! < chuckle >

I'll make a note here: a few of you have told me my Pinterest buttons aren't working - I'm sorry! and I am working on it...truly, I am! And thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

Happy sewing today, ladies and gents!

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