Tips & Tricks Tuesdays: Building a color palette

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Now onto my tip for this week.

It's all about...COLOR!

I've discovered this awesome online tool where you can build your own color palette from a photo, or even just with a color-wheel tool.

It's called "Photocapa" from

I'll give you a brief overview of how it works, but make sure to head over there, sign up (it's free!) and play around a bit!

1. You have to sign up in order to save your palettes for future access. It's easy and free.

2. I chose to pick my colors from photos I had; here's a (brief) tutorial on how to do that.

a) go to this link: ColourLovers Color Palette software

b) select "From a Photo" in the grey box.

c) Click on the "Photos" tab on the right side of the black window. Enter the image URL or Flikr URL for your photo, and click "Load Photo"

d) Your photo then loads and this screen appears:
 e) you can hover your mouse over your photo and click anywhere, and that color appears at the bottom of your window in the first palette position. Or, click on one of the colors in the box to the right (see outlined in yellow below). As you finish with one color, click on the palette box adjacent to start with your next color until all of your palette positions are filled (see outlined in red box below).
f) click "Publish". This saves your palette scheme and allows you to access it under your "Profile".

Here are some color schemes I came up with myself for inspiration of my upcoming bee, Simply Solids:

Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for the tip to the site! Creating a color palette is a challenge for me, so it's great to have another resource.


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