WIP Wednesday: Why don't I ever seem to have a TGIFF?

10:19:00 AM

Ha ha ha.
All I ever seem to do is add to my WIPs.

Today I'm working on my Flying Geese quilt, featuring Kate Spain's "Serenade" line.

It was part of a Bee exchange, and some lovelies out there in the Bee world didn't follow all of my directions - and maybe the directions weren't so great? Quite possibly you can blame this one on me.

So I spent most of the morning ripping stitches....

...so that I could trim away the excess patterned fabric below the 'sky' pieces...
.... busy busy! Really, out of 15 people only 3 did this so I only had to rip apart, trim, and sew back together 6 blocks. Not bad. :)

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