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My sewing area needs more storage, so I've been looking for a book shelf or storage of some sort for forever and a day.

I also couldn't break the bank on it, so the babe and I have been scouring second-hand stores and antique shops looking for something relatively cheap.

This last Tuesday we managed to find something at a shop a few blocks away...it's got an awful paint job right now, but I'll fix her up. I don't mind a bit of elbow grease for $30. It's super solid, real wood (not that particle board stuff), and weighs a tonne (much to my husband's dismay, as he had to carry it the 4 blocks home on the very icy sidewalks).

She's a pretty ugly beast right now, but trust me, I'll beautify her up :). At the same time, I'm going to give my other old hand-me-down bookcase in the area a sanding, scrubbing, and painting so it'll match this one. So, this'll be my Sunday project. I'll bundle up and take them outside (it's supposed to be -12C tomorrow (10F)) and get hopefully the sanding and TSP wash done, and if I'm lucky, a coat of primer.

In other news, on this coming Monday, I have a featured tutorial with Sew Mama Sew! I made a gorgeous machine cover - very mod quilted - well, I think it's gorgeous, you'll have to decide for yourselves!

Also, I just wanted to remind you, my gorgeous readers, that I have a linky-party every Tuesday I'd love you to participate in! It's called: "Tips and Tricks Tuesdays: what would MacGyver do?"
Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy

I'll be posting a tip on how to add a Favicon to your blog...what's a "Favicon" you ask? Well, you'll have to come back on Tuesday to check it out!
I encourage you to link up a tip, trick or tutorial that's sewing/quilting/blogging related with me here - a way to share your awesome tips with my readers, too!

Hope everyone out there in Sewing Land is having a fantastic weekend.

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  1. What a great find at the antique shop! I love finding those types of projects...Mr Fantastic hates it when I announce it's a garage saling day during the summer months..LOL. Enjoy and I'll check back for that tuturial! Hugs

  2. The fun part will be filling it up!

  3. I'm excited to see how your new find will turn out, and congratulations on getting a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew! that is so cool.

  4. I love that cabinet! Even with is coat of paint like this! Well done.

    1. Thanks Esther! It's already been sanded and cleaned, just awaiting its first coat of primer!
      (I tried to email you, but you're a no reply blogger...) :D

  5. What a great bookshelf! It has great charm and character. =)

  6. But... but.. all that sanding and painting will take away sewing time! lol.. guess you are all around crafty! can't wait to see it.


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