fyi friday: the dresden

2:30:00 AM

Did you know?
A Dresden Plate, designed, pieced and quilted by me!

The Dresden Plate block in quilting is named after the German city Dresden. The city was famous in the 19th century for it's decorated porcelain, specifically plates, embellished with painted flowers, fruits and foliage (1).

Because the Dresden block closely resembled these plates, they came by their name honestly.
Example of a Dresden Plate (2);
Image courtesy of, all rights reserved.

The Dresden has also been known as the Grandmother's Sunburst, Friendship Ring, Aster, Dahlia and Sunflower blocks (1).

1. Extracted Jan 25, 2013. The Dresden Plate Pattern and it's History.
2. Extracted Jan 25, 2013. Dresden Plate.

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  1. I love your Dresden! Very pretty - it would make a great wedding or shower gift.

  2. Beautiful. Love how you quilted it.


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