on the table now

4:30:00 AM

oh my goodness.

I am not quite sure what I have gotten myself into...

I can't really reveal my project yet, since it's part of a challenge...

but what I can tell you is it involves hundreds of little 1" x 1" squares - and this picture is only about a quarter of them - I was already three-quarters done when I took this photo:

There were 12 shades of green and one other color - in this pic I'm down 4 colors... and yes, 1" squares = 1/2" squares when sewn together...pressing has been a NIGHTMARE! lol

....the end is in sight...

........thank goodness.......

< reveal to come >

In other news.

Is anyone else just a little bit depressed that they're not at Quiltcon right now?? Am I the only one? < sigh >

I'm thinking of having some sort of drown-your-Quiltcon-sorrows-because-we-couldn't-go blog hop or link-up party or SOMETHING next year for all of us who can't go, and we can WHOOP IT UP!! in the comfort of our computer rooms, lol.

And gosh darnit, we'll have a blast!

Who's with me? {misery love love loves! company!}

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  1. Love your 1 inch blocks! Can't wait to see the finish! And all those lovely greens...:)
    As for the plan for the blog hop next year...Yes Please! Shout out if you need any help...sounding board etc.... You've got a year to plan the grandest hop of all for those of us "Stranded on Quilt-Island". :)

  2. That is crazy!

    And while I don't feel it myself I've read a few blogs where authors feel like you do about Quiltcon.. In fact.. http://www.13woodhouseroad.com/2013/02/i-wish-i-was-at-quiltcon-3.html

  3. I am in awe of your tiny squares. Please tell me you're just able to press to the side and not open for every seam. And I, too, am depressed about it, but I'm just thinking ahead to next year when I'll be having a fabulous time there.

  4. My sister lives in Austin, so I'm really wishing I was there. I'm totally in awe of your 1 inch squares--can't wait to see what you make!

  5. I am so missing Quiltcon. I've been thinking of making a scrappy trip along with 1" finished squares, but I am a little afraid of something that small!

  6. I think we all wish we were there!

  7. Woah...you are very brave to be dealing all those tiny squares. I have no doubt he finished project will be fabulousness and worth the work.

  8. Is it weird that I think your little squares look like something growing in petri dishes? It's like it'll bloom into something intense! :-)

    And I'm hoping to make the next one but if I can't go, I'm totally down with the internet pity party.

  9. I'm with you! Will never be able to go to quilt Con, so i love your suggestion! Count me in.


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