{self-imposed} bloggy vacation

9:19:00 AM

Happy (?) Monday, all.

I have been quite a busy little bee / bee mother / participant / hopper as of the last few months, between organizing and running the Simply Solids Bee, starting as a new cheerleader for Mdm Samm (April Showers Mug Rug Hop), all of the Bees I'm participating in, challenges (Madrona Road and others), sew-alongs, and in between, blogging and sewing commissioned quilts.

I'm WIPED! haha. And it's not even March yet. tee hee.

My daughter's first birthday is this week, and as such, we have visitors from home (my dad and step-mum) here in Chicago.

Therefore, my internet access will be spotty at best - so - I'll be sparse this week, I'm rewarding myself with a self-imposed bloggy and quilty vacation so that I can spend as much time with my family as possible for these few days, as it'll be a good year before I see them in the flesh again (Skype is just not the same).

So! I have a little post pre-scheduled for tomorrow for Tips and Tricks, and, Nati @ Nati's Little Things is hosting, and she's got a great tip planned for you all - so make sure to pop by her blog and leave her a comment. And, if you have a recent tip, trick or tutorial you've posted on your blog, link up with her! It's going to be great.

Otherwise, I'll see ya in March! (Friday, Saturday at the latest, lol).

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  1. Good for you - sometimes you need to take a breather! Enjoy the family visit and happy birthday to your little one!

  2. Yes enjoy your down time and a great family gathering.

  3. Have a great days and Happy birthday to you girl!!

  4. Have a good time with the fam and happy birthday to your little one -- such a big girl ;)!

  5. enjoy the family and happy birthday for your daughter.


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