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Hi all, and welcome to

I'm honored to be hosting TGIFF this week!

And, truth be told, a little relieved to finally be done this project.

I started this "Quick Quilts" snowball quilt back in October, I believe. My mum saw it in the magazine while visiting my house and asked me to make it for her.

We then perused color schemes and fabrics, and she fell in love with Joel Dewberry's Aviary2 Line (in the Granite palette).
Image courtesy of
We decided to jazz it up a bit, and combine another popular yellow-and-grey line, Dear Stella's Maasai Mara in Gray:
Image courtesy of Dear
The solids in the quilt are grey (Kona) and creme (Connecting Threads).

I pieced the back, both for a stylish look and, truth be told, out of necessity. I ran out of the Kona Grey and had to improvise last minute. But, I'm actually really happy with how it turned out - I almost like the funky-improv back better than the front!

This was my very first:
- queen size
- long-armed quilt

... and I love the way it turned out. My mum hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure she'll like it.

For the long arming, I used my sister-bee mate (for Simply Solids Bee), Linh at LiMa Sews. She is FANTASTIC. I LOVE how the quilt turned out.

Linh uses pantographs when she quilts; she's still building her library, so if there's a pattern or style that you want, she's super open to adding a new pattern to her library, which is great!

Her turn-around was AWESOME! I think for me from the time the package left to receiving it back was like 10 days??? YA! And her prices are really reasonable.

I'm really glad I went with her for this project. I would have taken more than 10 days myself to straight-line quilt it on my home machine, IF I could have gotten all of that quilt through my narrow throat space!

And, I loved that she sent me teaser pics of the quilt before I received it - it got me all excited again about the project.... here are some of the teasers she sent me:

And, without further adieu, I give you the finished product:
Sorry it's laying on a bed - I don't have anywhere to hang it, and it was pouring rain on photograph day!
And the pieced backing:

The improv-pieced backing. I really like how it turned out with the black and creme contrasting!
And a close up of the binding, which I love - it's the Woodgrain print from Dewberry's Aviary2 line:

So! It's DONE!! WAHOO!! Time to party. Tee hee. Can't wait to bundle it up in a nice bow and hand it off to my mum - who has already commissioned ANOTHER quilt.

(I'm one busy lady, I guess!)

Time to start the next project (Or - what a concept - how about finishing another WIP? haha)

And now, I can proudly display this!

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  1. Awesome quilt.. loving the yellow and greys right now. I've been thinking of getting the Sparrow fabric, I love it..

  2. Oh wow - gorgeous quilt. I love the colours and the back is really fun. Great job! :-)

  3. Totally awesome quilt!!! Love the colours.

  4. I do love that quilting pattern ... looks just fab with this quilt!!

  5. So beautiful Erin. Your mum will be stoked. Love how the simple design really showcases those beautiful fabrics. Perfect! :)

  6. Awesome quilt! Great way to show off that gorgeous line of fabric (possibly my favourite fabric line ever!)

  7. What a great quilt! I think the back is actually my favourite ;) lol thanks so much for hosting tgiff!

  8. Such a beautiful quilt! I love the colours, and the backing is divine :)

  9. Really nice! I like both sides of it.

  10. Your quilt is beautiful! The back is great too. Thanks for hosting today.

  11. I love that line too. It turned out beautifully!

  12. That is such a beautiful quilt! Fabulous finish. I love the pattern and such a gorgeous fabric line. The quilting is brilliant too!

  13. It's beautiful! I am so in love with grey & yellow... I'm seriously thinking about redoing my half bath so I can make a beautiful wall quilt in this combo.

  14. Wow, what a gorgeous quilt!! Your Mum will love it! And I think it looks great laying on the bed :-)

  15. It s my first time to your blog and this stunning quilt greets me! Well done on such a huge finish and like you I like your improv back very much. Thanks for hosting.

  16. This is GORGEOUS! Great job :)

  17. Your quilt is stunning! I love the modern look!

  18. This is my first visit - great job hosting! I love the subtitle of your blog:) I also really love not only the front of your snowball quilt, but especially the pieced back as well. Very cool looking. Just linked-up for this weeks TGIFF party and glad to find another blog to follow!

  19. fantastic quilt! I really like the Aviary 2 fabrics, and you found a fun pattern that shows them off beautifully :) thanks for hosting TGIFF! :)

  20. Beautiful quilt, great finish Erin, i'm betting your mum will be delighted! :o)

  21. fabulous and that quilting is great!

  22. Fantastic quilt, Erin! Your mom is going to be thrilled. Thanks so much for hosting!


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