Winner: April Showers Blog Hop Giveaway - and all sewing: stalled!

4:30:00 AM

I'm happy to announce the winner from my most recent giveaway, sponsored by the lovely Linh at LiMa Sews!

Using random number generator, #143 was the winner....

Cathi, check your email, I've sent you a nice message!

A HUGE thank you to Linh for sponsoring yet another GORGEOUS giveaway! And if you didn't see my TGIFF this past week, you should see the quilt she long-armed for me!

In other very unfortunate news - we were hit here in Chicago with some pretty major flash floods, and, our basement didn't come out unscathed.

Unfortunately, I sew in the basement. And store all of my fabrics there (luckily, most of them in plastic bins - but not all).

As we dry out here from a water-logged state, all sewing projects are on stand-by. Still waiting for my vintage Brother to dry out before I plug her in again, praying all the while she still works.

My apologies to those whom I owe bee blocks - I'll be contacting you soon...I'm going to be a little late this month, I'm so sorry.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry about the flooding. I hope everyone is ok and that things get back to normal for you fairly quickly.

  2. I've been flooded and I know how it hurts. To loose your sew space as well as its contense is just heart breaking. Hope all is back to normal soon.
    It's just lucky I guess that quilters are some of the most kind people in the world and I'm sure all you bee buddies will understand completely.
    Take care

  3. Oh that is bad news! I hope your sewing machine has survived XX

  4. oh my goodness, that's horrible, hope everything gets dry, was it dirty water?

  5. That's horrible! You might be able to speed up the process by covering your Brother in rice or kitty litter. It's what we use to dry out damaged electronics at might have to open it up a little for the best results though.

  6. Oh Erin....that is a disaster!!! I hope things dry out quickly.

  7. Oh Erin, that's terrible. If you need a block angel for this month, let me know. I would be happy to pitch in.

  8. oh no!! Hope it is washable and usable afterwards xx

  9. Erin, so sorry to hear about the flooding. This weather has been really crazy all over the place. I don't think I would plug the sewing machine and turn it on myself ... I would take it to a repair shop to make sure it's completely dry and let them look it over to make sure everything is ok. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I live in the western burbs of Chicago. I was watching the creek behind my home rise during and after the rain. It got pretty high, but it's receding now. A few years ago when we got a ton of rain it got to within 2 feet of my property line. I was really sweating it out then.

    Hope things return to normal for you real soon.

    1. Hi Janarama!
      You're a no-reply blogger, so I couldn't email you a response. I'll write it here:
      Thank you for the tip. I'll definitely take it in somewhere; although I'm considering taking it apart this weekend to let it dry out even more.
      Now we're just dealing with the aftermath and clean up. What a mess!

  10. I'm really sorry to hear about the flooding at your house - will send good thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy restoration for everything at home. Take care!

  11. gah.. sorry to hear Erin.. glad most of your fabric was in bins


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