you make me soooo sad :'(

11:28:00 AM


I *love* that so many of you follow my shenanigans on GFC and Bloglovin'.

I *love* that so many of you go out of your way to leave me comments! THANK YOU!

But sometimes...I get sad...


Because when YOU follow ME on Bloglovin', I want to follow YOU back!


when YOU leave ME comments, I want to reply to YOU - but a lot of you are no-reply bloggers ! (if you leave comments on other people's blogs but never receive a response from them, you're probably a 'no-reply blogger' :) )

So sad...........................

Do you want to know how to fix these problems?? I would love for you to fix them and then come back here and comment so that I can search for your blog on Lovin' and/or reply to your new non-no-reply status :)

I've written tutorials on how to fix both if you're interested:

How to claim your Blog on BLOGLOVIN' (and gain more followers there!!)

How to fix a "No-Reply Blogger" status (and how to check if you are a no-reply blogger)

In other news - no sewing to report...we're still drying out from the flood, trying to clean the carpets again. I've yet to turn on my vintage machine, but my computerized Singer is working, thank goodness (I lie - I have sewn - I had to darn a pair of socks for hubby and fix a dog toy for Orson).

On to Bee blocks tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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  1. i think i am a' you can reply to blogger'

  2. They make me sad too! Have fun with your bee blocks :)

  3. I feel sad, too, when I get those no-reply bloggers. Some don't even know they are and there's no way to tell them. Thanks for spreading the word...again. :O)

  4. Thanks for the tips! Do you have a tutorial made up,for those that don't know they have post authorization thingy on their blogs? I get my comments all done and that thing pops up and if I can't read the letter or numbers right.. I give up....ugh so frustrating and it's not like you gets tons of spam on a quilting blog in the first place. Maybe you have that tip handy for this?

  5. Pretty sure I am not a no-replier...I guess I'll know if you don't reply, lol!

  6. I believe you can reply on my blog. I did claim my blog on bloglovin. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Sesame!
      I have to reply to you you are a no-reply blogger...but this is because you have a Wordpress site. So, when you're leaving comments on Blogger sites you'll need to leave your email address in order to get a response :)


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