Bee blocks galore

3:44:00 PM

I've been in a mad rush to try and finish all of my bee blocks for this month (and truth be told, one from last) *blushes*

As I've slowly but surely started to feel a bit better I've been checking things off of the to-do list.

I'm starting to realize that 4 Bees and a quilt-along is too much; I don't have any time to sew for myself, which, has really got me down.

I've decided to tone it down a notch when all of these bees start ending. The Simply Solids Bee I organize is massive - 109 people, 9 groups, 6 countries - and it's starting to become a little more work than I had anticipated what with participant's going awol and medical issues that have arisen (both for some of the participants and for myself).

Before February rears its head again I'll have to reassess what I'll be doing with this Bee for 2014. I think we may have to pare it back a bit.


Here are some pics of the blocks I've been up to as of late. None for me, unfortunately. All for others. :)

Happy Saturday.

Color Bee Shocked! Bee: May

Color Bee Shocked! Bee: April

Simply Solids Bee, Gamboge Group, May: Part Block #1

Simply Solids Bee Gamboge Group, May: Block #2

Over the Rainbow Charm Swap: "Terrain" by Kate Spain for Moda
56 charms, cut and ready to be mailed
do.Good Stitches {a charity bee}, FAITH circle: May Blocks # 1 & 2
do.Good Stitches {a charity bee} FAITH circle: May Blocks # 3 & 4
Get Your Hex On! Bee: April Block

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  1. It is difficult at times to keep up with everything we get ourselves into....I know I have my plate full right now with commissioned work. hops and swaps just have to take a back seat. But they are so much fun!!!

  2. I had to have "the talk" with myself recently about bees/BOMs/swaps - so, what did I do - decide to host a charm swap!! Ha! Your fabric for CBS is on the way Monday - hopefully that will give you lots of time!

  3. I keep seeing all this stuff on blogs and want to do it all, but hey, keeping it real keeps me much happier. It's ok to say no. Pick and choose and sometimes snooze!

  4. Thanks for the honesty. Sometimes it seems that online everyone has perfect blocks, clean houses, and no cavities. :-)

  5. Oh no...I have missing points, a dirty house and teeth falling out of my head! OMG!

  6. Don't run yourself ragged! And send out a shout if you need a hand. :-)

  7. I understand! I am behind too with charity quilt, bee blocks, posting receiving my own bee blocks, my blog and my own mothers and father's day gifts. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I love my blue Hexy block! Thank you!!

  8. Glad you are feeling better and I am so with you on paring it down when current obligations end!

  9. I think you're right about overcommitting, and then it makes none of it fun, if you need help then you must ask, i'm sure amongst myself and the other ladies we can help ease the burden, particularly on the Simply Solids- give me a shout if you need it. :o)


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