...another Bee block done, and some progress on my next quilt....

4:30:00 AM

So I have officially checked off every Bee block for May's assignments; as of Sunday, my last one was back in the mail, completed, and off to its rightful owner.

Get Your Hex On! Bee: May - "Butterfly" block
This was a cute block, and I had a lot of fun with it.

I unfortunately missed my Guild's meeting on Sunday due to my baby being sick; she's okay now, but I think getting her pre-molars has really done a number on her. She's super happy baby one minute, and the next, she's been replaced by an angry little human.


I have managed to continue working on an UFO; a quilt that was started back in February for me by my Simply Solids bee sisters.
21.5" square; one of five color combinations
By my calculations I only have 5 blocks left to complete... but they're big blocks. Then it's off to the longarmer - finally.

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  1. My little one's been ill all weekend too! You have all these plans to sew, sew, sew but then you end up spending the whole weekend on the sofa cuddling a baby! (Which isn't too bad really - minus the sick)

    I love the butterfly block, I'd love to see a whole quilt made of hexie butterflies!

  2. Love the hexie butterfly! Hope the molars give you and her a break soon x

  3. Sorry you missed the meeting, but at least you got some sewing time in!

  4. Hope those molars stop troubling your little one soon! Love the blocks, can't wait to see how your solids quilt comes together! :o)

  5. We missed you at the meeting! Your butterfly block is beautiful. Hope to see you in July!


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