this is cute!

4:30:00 AM

I had to share this - just got an email from Chrissy at SewLux fabrics and she's got this super-cute 4th of July Bundle she created. It's so cute and festive - love it!

Love those red, white and blues. And I'm a Canadian (living in the States) lol. How cute would a table runner bee in these? Maybe pinwheel pattern? Drunkard's? Ooh...the creativity is flowing today, lol.

I will have a curated bundle and tutorial coming up soon through Chrissy's store and blog. Sometime in early June. It's a cute, simple bundle and a cool tutorial. Stay tuned!

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  1. I agree it is really lovely and I am so tempted it just isn't true. You have really great taste.

    1. Patti do you know you're a no-reply blogger now? Did you switch your account to a Google+ one?

  2. I love them! would be great to do a boys quilt with some stars pieced in it!


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