Question for my readers; Giveaway: June Tailor Binding Express

3:59:00 PM

Happy Saturday!

I have a quick question for you all.

Has anyone out there ever purchased this from Craftsy:

Craftsy has a big sale on right now, and this Freespirit FQ Box is $80 (50% off) - so that's $1.60/FQ. I'm wondering if anyone out there has purchased it before, and what the fabrics are like that you get with it. 

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have, and it's a great deal! Recent designs, no duplicates -- and _what_ a price!

  2. I have not, but I know that this weekend, Pink Castle Fabrics is running a FQ secret stash box deal, $75 for 50 FQ (plus $12 shipping) makes it come out to $1.75 per FQ. I decided to buy one and then tried (and got) a few takers on FB to split with me. Even though, the mood I was in last night, I would have bought one for myself even if no one else wanted it ;) I've been trying to branch out a bit and I can think of no better way than not really picking the fabrics myself…

  3. I haven't bought that one, so I can't comment on it in particular, but I did buy one of their mystery boxes (one that didn't come from a particular manufacturer, it was just a box of 50 FQs) and it was pretty terrible. I mean, it would be fine for someone who loved... tiny florals in muddy colours, but I don't and it wasn't fine. (They did go out of their way to try to make me happy and while I probably won't ever buy into the unknown again, it could have been worse.) I would be less concerned about these boxes - as a general rule, I find FreeSpirit fabrics to be pretty decent - but the whole not knowing what I'd get does put a damper on things for me.

    1. You know what, I was thinking of you in particular when I posted this, because I remember seeing all of your posts and Flickr pics. It looks like such an awesome deal; and if I could get FQs in designers I love (like J.D.) and be guaranteed I'd be all over it like white on rice...

      GAH! I don't know what I should do :p lol

  4. no being in the UK we get hammered for customs if we but fabrics from the USA shame as they are a lot cheaper than here

  5. I bought a Free Spirit box last year when it was on sale. I like nearly all of the FQs. I will purchase this again in the future. The Mystery Box...10% I donated, 10% I used for practicing my FMQing. 30% went to the stash. Won't buy that one again, but I thought the Free Spirit box was great!

    1. Hmm... this is good news...but I'm so nervous about a mystery...and I'm not technically supposed to be buying any more fabric, lol...but it's such a good deal!! (Jeulz, you're a no-reply blogger so I'm responding here)

  6. I haven't ordered that particular fabric box from them before, although it's on my wish list. I have ordered fabric from Craftsy before and it's always just as I expected it to be. They provide awesome service. I can't say enough good things about them.

    If you do get it, I'd love to hear your review. Although, truthfully, with Free Spirit, it would be hard to get bad fabric. :-)

  7. I bought a mystery box from them - absolutely terrible
    Good customer service. But boxes are bad


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