triagonal hexagon madness!

9:09:00 PM

...continuing on my quest to complete every UFO I have this year, I've been basting and sewing, basting and sewing, little hexagons into equilateral triangles galore!
...they look pretty cool all stacked up. I have 7 more triangles to sew together. Hexies are all basted, finally. I can't wait to start assembling the quilt top on this one.

In other news, my chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild is participating in a new challenge with the theme being  "Modern in the City".
The challenge requires us to create a quilt with one side measuring 36" and all other sides 36" or less.

Our Guild has teamed up with the International Quilt Festival for this challenge; IQF will choose up to 15 of our challenge quilts to display at the Rosemont, Illinois show in June.

After racking my brain for a few days I decided on my theme for my submission. Luckily my husband was able to take my kids for the day on Tuesday and I managed to get a good chunk of the quilt done then. I've been sneaking to the basement (where my sewing nook is) when both kids are napping or there's a spare moment here and there to pin-baste.

Normally I don't even know where to start when it comes to quilting my pieces; this time, though, as soon as the top was finished I knew exactly how I will quilt it.

So, hopefully I'll get a bit of time tomorrow to start quilting this beaut, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll even get it basted and the sleeve attached by the weekend. Then I can work on my submission for the IQF!

(and yes, I've heavily basted it. I'm leaving no room for error - and I'm using a batting I've never used before so better to err on the side of caution...)

Next up on the UFO list: a pretty petal table runner I've been plugging away on for quite some time...

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  1. Can't wait to see what those hexies turn into. Good luck with your UFOs.

  2. wow! both projects involve A LOT of work xx good luch with your entry .. is it for a particular catigory or as an exhibition ?

  3. I adored those hexie triangles - can't wait to see how that one ends up!

  4. those hexie's look good enough to eat!

  5. Those hexagons are looking great, good progress! I am interested in seeing what you are making.

  6. Gorgeous hexie triangles! Im looking forward to seeing these ufos progress!

  7. Those hexie triangles are looking fabulous, Erin! I can't wait to see what you do with them.


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