Final 2013 Finish (A): Baby Ewan's Superman Quilt

4:30:00 AM

I know it's a little late, but I finally got a chance to get outside, with my mum's help, to photograph my last few finishes of 2013. 

As a lot of my readers know, I welcomed my second babe, Ewan, in November. My husband insisted on a Superman theme for the nursery, and of course, I had to make a quilt...

Here's the result:
...the print I used are actual images of comic book covers from the original Superman comics which I fussy-cut and framed. I backed the quilt in nice, fuzzy, warm minky cuddle fur.

And look at this quilting:
...Melissa over at Sew Shabby Quilting quilted rocket ships and stars into the quilt, a pattern my husband chose. He said it would 'fit' the theme of the quilt - something about Superman coming to Earth in a rocket ship from Krypton? 

Ewan, 5 days old.
The only problem with a minky-backed quilt is that now my daughter wants one!

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  1. Oh wow, how perfect is that quilt, and little Ewan sleeping on it, just ADORABLE!

  2. Fantastic! Superman is my favourite super hero and that's a great theme! The quilting is perfect!

  3. such a great quilt and a perfect last photo :-)

  4. So adorable! The quilt and the babe! Great job, Erin!

  5. That is so sweet and I love your little model enjoying the quilt.

  6. Men and their quilting help :) The quilting does look amazing though but I believe Ewan stole the show in the last photo, did you make his pants? SO SO ADORABLE.

  7. Baby Ewan looks very happy on his quilt!

  8. i have a son whose knickname is SuperSam so SuperMan is a favorite around here. Your quilt is perfect and the quilting is the perfect compliment!

  9. what a lovely baby, he looks so at home on his quilt

  10. That pattern is a great way to showcase a special print--I hadn't thought of that use for it before. And the quilt clearly has Ewan's approval. Adorable.

  11. Awesome quilt Erin! something he'll treasure..

  12. That photo of Ewan is just precious!

    Minky backed?? Did you quilt on a long arm or a domestic?? I've wanted to give it a try, but wondered how much that minky slipped when used as a backing.

  13. Hi
    He is so cute and super cute. I love the way he is sleeping on his stomach with his bottom up in the air on his cool quilt. extra kisses to the kiddos for their cuteness.


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