I need help! Hexie help. Oh! And it's W.I.P. Wednesday...

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So I'm quickly nearing the end of my never-ending ombre hexie triangle project. And I need some help.

I need to applique said triangles onto some lovely Kona...

So my question is this:

What's YOUR favorite machine applique stitch/method?

And if you have a picture you can link to in your comment, I'd be forever grateful to you!

Straight stitch? Zig-zag? Blanket? What do you use???

Oh! And I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday!!

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  1. I haven't machine stitched hexies yet. I love hand stitching them, and use a ladder stitch that is pretty much completely invisible. It take longer than machine stitching (obviously), but the hexies seem to be floating on the background. You can't see the stitch in this post, but you can see the effect.

  2. I'm a zig-zagger! I usually reduce the length of the stitch a bit and the width a small amount unitl I find the scale I'm happy with and then I zig-zag them down. I did learn sketch stitching with Stitched in Colour on the penny sampler quilt, sew just inside like a topstitch 3 times around and it looks like this: http://benandcharlyscorner.blogspot.ie/2013/09/penny-sampler-progress.html

  3. Hi Erin, If you look at my Pinterest Board you will find I have quite a few different ways of appliquéing. So take your pick. My Pinterest Board is http://www.pinterest.com/pattimyself/applique-hand-machine/

  4. My favorite stitch is the one that has the best impact on that project. That said, I enjoy a buttonhole stitch with metallic thread. For these turned edge hexies, I think the double straight stitch would be bold and modern. My all time fave stitch to use is a repeating spiral stitch, only on my Bernina 1630 and one reason I replaced the failed motherboard instead of just getting another machine. The point is find one of those decorative stitches on your machine, the ones that are never used, and try them with a variegated thread, or a metallic, or shiny rayon.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    lots of machine stitching on my blog, on close ups of label "my art" lapaylor.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much LeeAnna! (I'm replying here because you're a no-reply blogger, so I hope you check back!)
      These are all awesome suggestions, and I really never would have thought about using a decorative stitch! Love the idea!!

  5. For hexies I would use a straight stitch, since there's no worry about the edges fraying. For rough-edge applique I usually use a wide-ish zig-zag to make sure that it's held in place and doesn't fray along the edges as much.

  6. I don't do a whole lot of applique so all I know is the blanket stitch.

  7. I too would hand stitch them (as I have on my latest post) for best results it is worth the time when you have already spent time hand stitching the hexies. A hand stitched project is just that to me, a hand stitched project right the way through to finish! It gives continuity.
    If it has to be machine then I am with LeeAnna. Experiment with a spare hexie to see which thread and stitch gives best results.
    Don't be too hard on my stitching on my hexies if you take a look but they were made during a long bouncy coach journey. A good result for what would otherwise be waste time.
    Best wishes
    Jo in Liverpool, England


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