The Drunkard's Path Block: Classic meets Modern QAL, MARCH!

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Alright! Happy March 1st everyone! Ready to get your drink on?

So what better way to celebrate the month of March but with a bit of a bender *wink*

(Mind the curved-piecing & St. Patrick's Day pun)

This month, we're piecing Drunkard's Path Blocks! Woot!

Click HERE to download the PDF instructions for March's Drunkard's Path Block!

If you've never pieced curves, NO WORRIES! Don't stress! They honestly are not as hard as they look. You'll see below that I've included an excerpt from another tutorial I did on Drunkard's (hence the discrepancies in fabrics).

There are two main ways to piece curves.

  1. Pinning Method (this is what I do, takes a bit longer, but I find I get better results; tutorial CLICK HERE)
  2. Pin-less Method (and here I'll link to this video from YouTube: 
My blocks so far in the QAL:
Here's the button to grab for your blogs!
Sew at Home Mummy

Make sure to link up your block creations below and add them to the Flickr Group!

If you choose to link your block up below, you'll be entered to win a Denise Schmidt "Chicopee" charm pack from my stash. Winner will be drawn at random on April 15.
(image courtesy of
Also, make sure to check back for my post on Monday for the "What's in your bucket?" blog hop! (There'll be 3 great prizes given out)...

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  1. I'm so glad you chose this block! I have not made a drunkard's path before, so I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks for the tutorial links!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

    1. have you tried the block yet?? Still excited and happy?? lol

  2. This will provide us with lots of curve sewing practice.

  3. Eek! I've never done curved piecing. Talk about a challenge. It may be some time…….

  4. broan .. here we go again xx lol xx

  5. I`ve never done this block.I run when see curves so this will be a big tricky for me and challenge.

  6. I had such a problem with the y seam and now this challenging baby!! I almost quit!! lol, but I hate quitting and not finishing something I start. Please be an easy one next month!!! Please!!!!!


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