W.I.P.W. (block crazy), Winner, Hexie Love, Singer 66-16 Project continues...

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Work in Progress Wednesday it is!! Linking up today to Freshly Pieced W.I.P. Wednesday :)

Bunch of stuff on the cutting mat at the moment; here we go:

1. Winner of the Sew at Home Mummy giveaway (Denise Schmidt Chiccopee charm pack) for the March Classic meets Modern block, by Random.org, #4:
Drunkards Path
Sandy @ Upstairs Hobby Room, I've contacted you by email, check your inbox!

2. Block crazy - 
a) I pulled my fabrics for the April blocks for {Faith} Circle of do.Good Stitches; now I just need to make them...I hope to get them done today and off to her tonight; here are Melissa's blocks from her tutorial for us - the blocks are called "Shape Shifters" {her tutorial is here} 
b) I made my first block for the "For Pink Sakes!" charity hop:
...if you're interested in making a pink block, any size over 4", square, for an awesome cause, click {here} for more info :)

3. My Ombre Hexie quilt top is DONE! Twenty-four hand-pieced hexagon triangles all appliqued in place. Now I just need to get the back all pieced and send it off to the long armer!

4. The Singer 66-16 Project:
A few weeks ago, I picked up a 1941 Singer 66-16 on eBay for $20, local pick-up, cabinet included. The machine looked to be in great shape other than needing a new light, rear plate, and a foot pedal wired (it's currently wired with a knee bar I don't want to use). I've never owned an old machine like this, and I bought it for the challenge of fixing one up. I wanted to start out easy, with a machine that didn't need much work.

After doing a bunch of research about these older machines, I realized I should check the wiring out before really using it. 

And since I'd need to rewire the light and wire a pedal, why not check the motor wires?

Good thing I did.

... when I got the cover plate off of the motor, look what I found inside - bare wires and crumbled jacketing/insulating material strewn all over...
see the wire far right? it's lost all of its insulation over the years. EEP!
 Problem is, if a bare wire touches the metal of the motor casing or machine, it electrifies the entire machine (since they're cast iron) - which could shock the user if they touched the machine.

I've got everything dismantled, all ready to clean up and re-wire. I ordered some replacement wire, soldering supplies, wire terminals and heat shrink tubing...everything I need for my first re-wiring job!
 The 73-year old wires are just falling apart to the touch...
 ...the power cord needs to be rewired too (bottom zip-loc below).

The light (top ziploc bag below) I thought was a write-off since the Bakelite base is cracked and broken; I removed all of the (medical!) tape that was holding the pieces together, took a better look at it, and I think once it's Gorilla-glued back together, tape gunk removed, and rewired, it'll be just fine. And doing it this way will cost about $1, vs. $16.

And this way I get to keep the light original, with the gorgeous "SINGER" decal on it.
So now I wait until I get all of my wiring supplies - in the meantime I'll get to cleaning the inside of the motor and the light.

An update on this again next Wednesday!

5. Eye candy.
Fat Quarter Shop is having a spring cleaning sale, have you heard?
tee hee! a lot of their sale stuff is 50% off. Less than $6/yard!

I had an hour last night to peek through their sale section and YUM! I was playing around a bit and came up with a few bundles that I thought would look awesome together...

some springy greens - 

top row: Out N' About Olive Green Highway Signs  | Michael Miller Loden Cotton Couture SolidKimba Tan and Green Bubble Dots 

bottom row: In My Room Green Shade Tree  |  Sweet Things Lime Large Tonal Dots  |   Green Large Chevron

... or how about a bundle with some Kaffe thrown in, inspired by a Pantone color report?
Pantone image courtesy of aboveallbetrue.blogspot.com
from top left:
Sweet Things Lime Blossom  |  Kaffe Fassett Collective Green Kim  |  Sweet Things Melon Teeny Tiny Donuts  |  Paint Box Red Wicker  |  Kaffe Fassett Collective Blue Crackle  |  Sweet Things Lavender Large Tonal Dots
... I love that Kaffe in there...

Gorgeous eye candy!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. I so admire you for tackling the refurbishment. Love the progress reports!

  2. You are doing so much work bringing this machine back to life. Keep posting your progress!

  3. How do you find the time? You are now a mechanic, I say it again and again you amaze me and how awesome is that only $20, sweet, good luck with your new Singer. oh and love the bundles you put together with the sales fabrics, mmm..pretty.


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