Another edition of: Passing on the Coupon LOVE!

8:34:00 PM

Happy Saturday everyone!

How's it going? What did you get done today?

I managed to finish this car seat cover for my sister in law:

It's backed with minky (COZY!) and it doubles as a stroller blanket (the buttons on the straps are fake - the straps attach with velcro, so you can wrap them around the waist straps on the stroller so the blankie doesn't blow away....)

In other news, I thought I would pass on some coupon love! I get such great responses when I find the good deals (which always seem to be on a Saturday - probably because I actually have time to sit down and read through some emails!) last coupon code I shared I got 4 emails from people who had taken advantage of the deal - AWESOME!!

So here ya go!

Mad About Patchwork is having an *awesome* sale:

save an additional 25% off already reduced sale-priced items in their SPRING SALE section with the coupon code:


look at these pretty prints in their sale bin!

Notting Hill: Frames in Tangerine $6.00/yd with the coupon!

Gypsy Caravan: Cutting Garden in Linen $6.00/yard with the coupon

Flea Market Fancy: Posie Brown $6.00/yard with the coupon!
Just some of the examples of the goodness in the sale bin over at Mad About Patchwork!!

Happy Saturday and happy shopping, everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for this info! Just ordered a few bundles that I would not have been able to justify purchasing since I have quite the stash at the moment :) Thank you!

  2. Cute car seat cover! I can't believe I never thought to wrap the straps around their seat belt for use as a blanket! Next time around, I guess!

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