Ruby Reds and Pink Sparkles - OH MY!

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It's my first Sunday Stash share!! Woot!!

You know, I'd see this "Sunday Stash" come across my Bloglovin' feed - a whole bunch of bloggers would be writing about this.

What the heck is "Sunday Stash"?

It's a linky party, hosted by Molli Sparkles, where you post about your recent stash acquisitions on your blog and link them up on his blog, sharing your eye-candy love with tons of other bloggers.

So here's my first share and it's a gorgeous one!

I subscribe to the "Around the Color Wheel" stash building program at Marmalade Fabrics.

Each month, I get a gorgeous squishy package in the mail, all wrapped up like a present,

filled with 6 FQs of one color - this month, it was ruby reds! YUM!
I absolutely LOVE the text print in it, and the spools are awesome!!

Last year I was subscribed to Marmalade's solid bundle Around the Color Wheel, and it was an awesome way to grow my solids stash :) I'm loving the prints this year, it's a nice change!

So today I'm linking up my gorgeous new stash eye-candy up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash share!
Molli Sparkles

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  1. That's a gorgeous collection really like that polka shade :)

  2. Somehow red is the color most lacking in my stash.... I never find ones I like. These look great though! Especially the spool print. :D

  3. Oooh, what a fun bundle! I could really use some good reds! :)

  4. The spools are so cute! And I never seem to buy reds, so a stash builder like Marmalade offers is pretty awesome.

  5. What a great collection of reds! I love the text print too!

  6. Haha... I feel like such a dumbass. When you were talking about the spool fabric I kept looking at that pile and going "there aren't any spool prints there, what's she talking about?" and finally I just clued in that the spool print is the "stripe" print I thought was so neat. If you look at it in the stack, rather than laid out in the fan, you might be able to see what I mean... just a different perspective. (I think I liked it better as a stripe than as rows of spools!)

  7. good selection of reds here very nice

  8. Haha... well that's a whole lot of shout outs! Triple air kisses to you, my darling! Like everyone else mentioned, red is my least favourite fabric colour. I can never find ones that I like, but you're fabric stashing is inspiring me to keep looking! Thanks for linking up and sharing the love for Sunday Stash!


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