Let's have some fun: Name my Singer 66-16 Contest & Giveaway!

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Good morning all, and happy Monday!

If you follow my blog, you've probably seen me blathering on about this "new" machine I acquired off of eBay for $20. I've fixed all of the electrical components up myself, and had fun doing it!

It's a 1941 Singer, model 66-16. This particular machine was made on December 16, 1941, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The Singer 66 is a low-shank, oscillating hook machine with a class 66 bobbin. The bobbin case is a drop-in style and sits to the left of the needle and because of this, the needle sits sideways in the shaft - i.e., the eye of the needle faces left to right instead of front to back like most modern machines. So when I thread the needle, I thread it from the left to the right instead of front to back.

an old Singer 66 Good Housekeeping advertisement
image courtesy of http://singer66.blogspot.com/
The Singer 66 was first made in the early 1900's, and started out as a hand-crank or treadle, but by the 1930's the cost of electric motors had come down enough to make them more readily attainable (they would cost about 2 week's wages at that point). The machine only has one stitch - a straight stitch - although it does have a 'tack' feature (not a true backstitch, but  a tack). To purchase a 66 in the 'teens would have cost several month's wages. The Singer 66 was one of the most expensive sewing machines on the market for years, and was produced from the early 1900's into the 1950's, when it was replaced by a bigger, 'better' model, the Singer 201.

The Singer 66 has come with some gorgeous decals over the years it was produced; and, those machines made in the U.K. had differing decals than those produced here in the U.S.
U.K. version of a 66: Lotus decals

U.S. version Singer 66 "Red Eye"
image courtesy of brooksboysonline.com
...and here's my beaut:
I love the noseplate on this machine :)

the cabinet is in rough shape; I'll be refinishing it in June/July.
I've done a little bit of sewing on it, and man, the stitch is beautiful on it. Gorgeous.

So! Enough on the history lesson.

Let's have a bit of fun!

I need a name for her. She's so beautiful, she can't sit in the corner unnamed! And when the Fat Quarter Shop recently had a sale on their gift cards, I thought I'd pick one up for a future giveaway!

So! That future giveaway is here, now. :)

Wanna help name my machine?? Wanna chance to win a $25 Gift Card to the Fat Quarter Shop??

Here are the rules:

  1. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter your name choice. You can log-in to the widget with a valid email address, you don't have to enter with a Facebook account.
  2. The contest will be open for 1 week.
  3. The winner will be determined by my hubby - he'll pick the best-suited name for my newest baby (it's only fair - I won out with the first two human kid's names, tee hee)
  4. If there are multiple entries of the same name and that same name is the one he chooses, the winner will be chosen from those entries by random number generator.
Thank you so much reading & playing, good luck and have fun!!

The facts about Singer 66's listed in this page were referenced from SewALot.com.

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  1. Singer 66-16 reminds me of my '88 Audi 80. Both are a bit of a tongue twister.

  2. Geat fun this naming competition!
    Love your work on repairing this gorgeous machine!

  3. How about Sophia? It's pretty and vintage just like your machine...:)

  4. I would name this machine Roberta. She just looks like a Roberta to me. :)

  5. So fun to name your machine.:)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Beautiful machine! I have my grandmother's Singer treadle machine that looks similar to yours. It is in the original cabinet and the machine is in good shape. Looks like one of my first post-retirement (12-1-14) projects should be to do a little research and refurbishing.

  8. Bidina, since she was won on e-bay, but also because it sounds like a traditional gal, but one who can stand her ground.

  9. i think rosie, as in rosie the riviter. she was one tough lady with a lot of spunk and character, just like your beautiful machine. babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  10. Great work on the machine!!

  11. I really need to get the motor mounted on to mine...it works beautifully by hand crank once I cleaned out the gunk. Not sure what I'll name mine.

    The name I suggested for yours is my grandmother's name :)

  12. How about Joan Baez, Mama Cass Elliot or Helen Reddy, because they are all "singers" born in the year 1941. Or Martha Stewart, because she was born in 1941 too and is so darn crafty.

  13. Your new old singer is just beautiful, enjoy it

  14. I'm from NJ too and I think you should nick name her Jersey Girl!!!

    1. Hey Lina! You're a no-reply blogger so I'll respond to you here, and hopefully you'll come back to read my response!

      LOL - Jersey Girl! Love it!! Make sure you entered it in the widget above, we want hubby to have a full list to choose from!

  15. Replies
    1. Sandra - you're a no-reply blogger so I hope you check back here for my comment!

      Your name for her is hilarious! Love it!

  16. Victoria (victory for sewing history)

  17. Sissie sews. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  18. She looks like an Ethel to me.

  19. how about Ph0enix as she has risen form the dead

  20. Abigail means source of joy. And, it sounds like a traditional name for that time period. My regular email is: celiaambrose@hotmail.com


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