cuts like a hot knife through butter.

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I'm so lucky to have Havel's Sewing as a sponsor here.

Havel's carries a wide range of unique cutting tools for the quilter, embroiderer, and sewist in all of us.

As well as having a HUGE selection of right-handed scissors, Havel's carries a wide variety of true left-handed scissors and snips for embroidery, applique, and fabric trimming, all made from high quality Japanese stainless steel.

(Pictured right are their 5 1/4" Left-Hand "Ultimate" Machine Embroidery & Quilting Scissors)

I have a pair of their new 7" Serrated Fabric Scissors with guard, and they are awesome. Super sharp, cut through fabric like it's nothing. I love the guards for them, too - I tend to drop things (I'm terrible for this!) and just in case my little one manages to get down to my sewing area, I like that the guard is on for safety sake. The blades have little serrated edges which really help when I'm cutting slippery fabrics. 

I'm also lucky enough to own a pair of these curved tipped embroidery scissors - these are my all-time favorite scissors EVER. Like, EVER. I keep them right by my sewing machine - because they're curved, I can trim so much closer to the fabric, and they are so nice and sharp.

I've reviewed these scissors before in a previous post - if you want to learn more about their 5 1/2" Curved Tip Embroidery and Applique scissors.

see? it took me 30 seconds to find a pic with my curved tip 5 1/2" Havel's scissors! lol!
I was lucky enough to receive a 60mm Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat set from Havel's to review. And I'm so very glad I did. The set is on sale right now for $29.99 - an awesome deal!

5* rating. Totally.

60mm Rotary Cutter:

I cut both left and right handed. Not that I'm ambidextrous, just lazy. lol. So, it's important for me to have a cutter that's easy to use both left and right handed. This cutter works great for both left and right cutting, and is comfortable to hold in both hands. The handle has soft grips, and the blade guard switch is easy to operate (I have arthritis in my thumbs, and I don't have a problem with the button). 

The blades can be changed easily in a very similar manner to other rotary cutter brands.  

Despite being a rather large rotary cutter, the cutter is relatively light weight without substituting quality (in my opinion). 

This rotary cuts through fabric like a hot knife through butter. I tested it out by layering Kona White, 10 pieces stacked on top of each other, opened up the 60mm cutter and started cutting strips:
WOW. Just - WOW.

I'm not kidding. I felt like I barely had to press. I'm not sure if it's the size of the blade, the sharpness, the shape of the handle, or all 3, but man, this cutter rocks. I love it! It's so smooth and easy to hold, too. 

I quite literally have zero complaints about this cutter. None.

Okay. Maybe one. I'd like to see it in pink. >insert cheesy grin here<

If you want to buy the cutter without the mat, it'll run you about $20. Again, $29.99 with the mat. Great deal!

2-sided 22"x16" Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

First of all, it's a pretty pink. *swoon*.
(Yes, color matters. Don't tell me it doesn't. hehe)

Secondly, it's double sided, with imperial measurements on one side and metric measurements on the other. 

The mat is heavy - I'd say 'substantial'. I feel like it's a sturdy mat that will last for years and years. The mat is printed with grid lines and angled lines for easy reference while cutting.

It's a great size to have beside your sewing machine, and I've taken it to a few sew-alongs. The other ladies love it. Might even be jealous of it. ;)

It's also a great size for me to bring upstairs with me at night to do a bit of cutting on the dining room table while the kids are asleep. 

The cutting mat on its own will run you about $16.00 (introductory price). 

All in all, this set is a great deal. The regular retail price on it is $45.00 - so $29.99 is a great price!

And, I see right now they have a coupon for $5.00 off your total order: HSC113 until May 31.

Also, if you sign up for their email newsletter, you're entered to win a monthly gift basket full of some awesome looking stuff!  

A thank you to Havel's for being a sponsor of Sew at Home Mummy, and I hope you enjoyed this review! 

Please know that, in no uncertain terms, would I ever falsely suggest a product I didn't love and believe in! I use the greatest discretion and judgement when writing my product reviews (and when taking on sponsors). I make sure that when I've been asked to review something that I use it extensively before doing so, and I don't promote or suggest products that I wouldn't go out buy myself, or be truly pleased with.

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  1. Love the cutting board, we only seem to get them in dark green here and I struggle when cutting dark green fabric so a light coloured one would be a real help. Must be hard being left handed but good to see all these scissors, they do say though that left handed people are more creative and artistic so over all it must be good too.

  2. Thanks for the review. I just ordered the cutting mat and some non stick scissors. I hope this mat holds up for a really long time. So many mats I have purchased get grooves in them in a few years. I love the pink too, lol!!!

  3. I LOVE Havel's products. The most liked of their items that I have is my seam ripper which has a surgical steel blade in it. That is an awesome product. I've been using that since I got my first embroidery machine in late 2003.


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