Don't be Playa hatin' (adding some gorgeous Aurifil to my stash...I got a killer deal...wanna know how??)

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Well dust me with sparkles and color me pink, it's SUNDAY STASH SHARE again, ladies and gents!

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Hang on to your bobbins, sewists. I got an awesome deal on some Aurifil. Just over $7/spool. Ya. 
I mentioned in an earlier post here how to get the deal - it was through "Massdrop". Basically, it's this online community where you and a whole wack of other people can sign up to buy a certain product, then Massdrop goes to the company or wholesaler of the product (in this case, Aurifil) and secures a super-fantastical deal - because Massdrop buys a bunch of the product (in this case it was over 120 boxes I think) and then turns around and passes the savings on to you in the "drop".

I was a bit hesitant given that most of the stuff on their site is for Dudes. Literally. Audio and visual stuff with letters and numbers in the name and I have no *clue* what that thingamajigger is... so I thought the Aurifil would probably be a one-off. 
Example of a thingamijigger.
Massdrop says: "Noble 5 Universal BA IEM"
Sew at Home Mummy says: "Huh?"
Not so.

Because it's a community, if you're registered on the site (and if you bought a box of these lovelies from them last week then you are...) you can create a poll or participate in polls for products YOU think Massdrop should have a "drop" for. Once the poll has enough respondents Massdrop contacts the manufacturer or wholesaler to secure a deal.

There are some pretty cool quilty/sewy related products being voted on right now - including sewing machines, irons, rotary cutters, die cutters, shot cottons - if you're interested, head over there and check it out. Just click on "Vote" then "Crafting".
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Unfortunately the Aurifil deal is over now - but that wouldn't stop someone from creating another thread poll! I hope you don't mind me passing it along - this is like my way of passing on the "Coupon Love" - money is tight here and I'm always looking for awesome deals!

Please note that I have edited this post as of May 29, 2014. I was mistaken in saying that Massdrop had spoken directly with Aurifil - but in reality had contacted a wholesale distributor to secure the deal. I apologize profusely for misspeaking! 

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  1. I took part Aurifil Massdrop and the poll on the current products they are considering. What a great way to save money. I need a new iron and I am hoping they will be able to offer a drop on them.

  2. Dude! Aren't the other products so crazy! And isn't it funny that we both mentioned Massdrop today, ha!

  3. Wow! That's brilliant :-) Will have to have a look around see if anything like this is happening in the UK.

  4. My Aurifil arrived today! I thought, because I am in Australia, that it was only me who didn't 'get' the dude stuff! LOL! Even with the postage to Oz, the Massdrop was such a great deal!

  5. Just signed up to Massdrop, you may have just helped their enrollment! You should get referral bonus! THanks for sharing your great deal!

  6. I'm Alex Veronelli from Aurifil ,
    I just wish point out that Aurifil is not dealing directly with Massdrop, they did never contacted us for a direct purchase in order to secure a fantastical deal.
    Every promotion and offer is autonomously and independently orchestrated by Massdrop stocking from Wholesalers. I can be happy if you will have the opportunity to make a great deal purchasing my threads, I just did wish to underline that Aurifil Company is not involved in the initiative.


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