Blogger's Quilt Festival results posted; Coupon Love; Upcoming Giveaway

8:00:00 AM

Ugh. It's Monday - AGAIN?!

Where the heckadoodles does the time go? I feel like I've accomplished very little since last Monday. Blargh!

I had better get my behind in gear before W.I.P. Wednesday...

So I have a little announcement, and a huge thank you to make.

I recently entered my pixelated sewing machine quilt "my first, pixelated", in the Blogger's Quilt Festival @ Amy's Creative Side. Thank you so much to all of those whom took the time to vote in the Festival, myself and all of the other participants appreciate your support!

I ended up winning 4th place in the Viewer's Choice category! So, thank you!!

In other news, I wanted to pass on a bit of coupon love (I had posted this yesterday as an aside to my Classic meets Modern QAL block for June post, but I thought I'd formerly announce it here. Plus, I was fiddling around last night and made a nice new "Coupon Love" graphic for the ol'bloggy-blog and I wanted to share it)

>tips geeky blogging hat to you<

hehehe - nice, right?


It's not a coupon per se, but a deal-e-oh I thought I'd share.

It's over on Massdrop - I've posted about them before, with a bit of info about them... I participated in the last Aurifil drop they had (6 spools of basics for $45.99), but can't scrape together the funds to do it again this time, but thought I'd share with ya.

They've got the Aurifil drop on again, as well as a Liberty of London drop (I can't participate in this, as, >le sigh< I am still on the "Great Fabric Fast of 2014". So far, I'm doing well)...

Aurifil basics, 50wt, 6 spools: $45.99
Ends June 3
Liberty of london Quilter's Fat Quarter Bundle: $78.99
Ends June 4

I'd ALSO like to share that I'm going to be having a little giveaway coming up. It's a notion I discovered at the beginning of the year that is so simple, so ingenious, that I had to contact the company who makes them and ask if they'd sponsor a little giveaway for my readers. I freaking LOVE this thing. Truly. 

Stay tuned on that! It'll be later this week :)

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  1. Hey...I smell a stuffed ballot box! I love your sewing machine pixels kwilt!

  2. Yea Erin, Awesome.. I love this quilt. Did you use the Pellon graph paper? Where do you talk about this quilt? I need to make one. Also, so this thread, its 45.99, but really I dont see how its a deal, right now Intrepid has it at 10.80 with 15% off, Now can we get a group to do it and lower the price?

    1. Oh, ps.. about the giveaway, you got me curious.. LOL

    2. oh, PSS, thank you for the Vote. Let everyone know I have a giveaway going on now and its a good one..

  3. so pleased your pixelated sewing machine did so well and rightly so.


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