Sunday Stash Share: Sweet Sweet Candy Pinks. Feeding the Fast. YUM!

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Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Whether you're celebrating with your hubby, daddy, sons, grandpas, or any other important father figures in your life, I hope you're having a good one.

The day is going really well here; we are spending the day together, which is nice given that I've been feeling so crummy lately with this neck thing, and the kids are loving having their daddy to play with a bit more.

In quilty news, the Great Fabric Fast of 2014 continues. My rules for this year were simple:

- I can purchase fabric, but only those necessary to complete a project - i.e. - background or backing
- I am only allowed to purchase stash fabric through my subscription at Marmalade
- We have a $20/pay check allowance we can do with what we please - so, I tells ya what - I've been stashing a lot of it away, and, when I do spend it, a lot of it goes towards rulers and notions, threads, etc.

So for this Sunday's stash link up, I have three special things to share with you. 

...I spy me some gorgeous Joel Dewberry's in there!! I love this bundle. I tore it out of the wrapping and snapped a photo ASAP, couldn't wait to capture the yummy-ness of this one.

2) A Hex n' More ruler. I have always wanted one of these, and I had some points at to spend, so I thought I'd treat myself and add it to my order this month. I love the Jewel shape of this one, and I'm excited to try it out.

3) And...for the last 2 years, I have been saving for what initially was supposed to be a Singer 15-91. But after a lot of research, I decided late last year that I would start looking more seriously for a Singer 201-2 (a larger version of the 15-91, with a bigger harp space).

My CMQG friend Erika at Miss Sews-it-all found this beauty, fixed her up, and then contacted me last week to let me know she had it and was wanting to sell it - and I took it!!
It's a Singer 201-2 from 1937. And she's beautiful!

The harp space measures 8" long by 5.5" high. Pretty significant. For comparisons sake, the Brother PQ1500s's (similar to the Juki 98 & 2010/2000) harp space is 8.6" x 5.7". Pretty darned good!
 I'm really excited to use it - you can drop the feed dogs easily with this machine, and apparently the FMQ on it is amazing.

It needs to be in a table - which I don't have - so I'm working on picking up a dining table on Craigslist and I'll "hack" it - cut my own hole, set in my own machine hinges, and maybe paint it. Yippee!!
In the meantime, she's sitting on the dining room table, and I've been looking at her admiring her every second I get. I'm super excited. Erika sewed on it for a few days to make sure everything was working well after being rewired, and she loved it, says it's really smooth.

Molli SparklesLinking up to today for Sunday Stash Share! Make sure to head over there and check out his blog, and all of the other stash shares today!

On another note, if you're interested, I've created a couple of new polls on Massdrop for some notions which I thought some of you may be interested in - you can vote on your favorites, if you'd like!
Solids Swatch Cards
Thread Rack/Thread Storage Solutions
Quilting Thread Cone
and this one is a great one - it's an Aurifil Collections poll!
Aurifil Thread Collections

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. That is a lovely Singer and the pinks are to die for, I love my Hex N' More ruler, I am sure you will too. I hope your neck starts to feel better. Hugs.

  2. What a beautiful Singer. And yummy stash!

  3. Gorgeous punks! I love the hex and more. The singer looks beautiful!

  4. Congratulations on your new machine, and I love the pink bundle. It really makes me want to go join in at Marmalade!

  5. Wow, she's beautiful! I just love the look of the vintage machines but don't know if I'd have to patience to maintain them. And thanks to you I'm going to look into Marmalade!

  6. Your neck is still bad? Yuck. Hope it gets better soon. Those pinks are gorgeous. I find I've been gravitating more to pinks the last couple of years. Maybe it comes from living in a house with four males! The machine looks amazing. Have fun finding and fitting a table. After seeing you rewire a machine I have complete confidence you can do the table too!

  7. How funny, Erin...I'm waiting for a hex n more ruler to come in the mail to me, I'm really excited to play with it. And your singer is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. what a find with the sewing machine she looks so pristine for something so old. Good to see you are sticking to not buying fabric, afraid I have lapsed. The pinks are very nice. Not sure what you have done to your neck, I have spondilitis and now I am machining more it is aggravating it bit can live with it. Hex n more looks interesting, maybe I will have to look at one of those too. Off to check your links now

  9. wow! what fantastic purchases x money well spent X I'm not a fan of pink ... butt there are some interesting ones here x.. have fun x

  10. Great fabrics but you can't beat a new (old) sewing machine. The old machines were such works of art weren't they? I remember learning to sew on my Mum's treadle machine.

  11. That machine is a beaut! How exciting to be the new owner. One day I aspire to do the same :)


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