Cotton & Steel Swap!! a poll: Have your say.

1:15:00 PM

Hi all.

I've decided to see if there's any interest in me hosting a Cotton & Steel swap here at Sew at Home Mummy.

This is a prelim post, just to feel you all out. I'll post the results of the poll in a week or so's time, and let you know more about how I've decided to structure it and when sign-up will start if there's enough interest.

I'm thinking of separating the swap into 'rounds' - where each round will have a separate sign-up, and each round will be dedicated to a single designer within the Cotton & Steel line. This way you'll be able to sign up for as little or as much of the lines as you'd like (I know there are people who aren't in love with every designer's line, so this is my reasoning behind suggesting splitting it up into individual mini-swaps).

I'll be going with what the majority says on this, as I want the best turn-out possible of course :)

The swap will be open to international participants. As always, return postage is up to the participant.

Please feel free to fill out the poll below; leave comments you'd like to stay anonymous IN the poll form - otherwise you can feel free to leave comments on this post below.

Make sure to hit "Submit" at the bottom of the form to ensure I receive your responses.


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  1. Hi Erin,

    If we live local or are a member of the CMQG can we skip the SASE. I would be willing to either stop by your place (I live in your town) to pick it up or wait for the next guild meeting. Just a thought.


  2. I am totally agree with splitting them up by designer. Because I may not want all designers for the swap.

  3. OMG.. I keep posting on the wrong blog.. LOL.. I will help if you need it..

    1. LOL - thanks Maxine! I read your comment in the poll's results, and I thought, oh! That's nice of her! >I wonder who "her" is< lol!!
      Thank you. And I'll keep you in mind if I get in over my head!!! xoxoxo


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