Stash Share Sunday: Irons and Flamingos and Threads, OH MY!

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Molli SparklesWell, as per usual, the summer has been busy for me.

My mum was here visiting from Vancouver for almost a month, and as such, I've found it difficult to keep up with my Quilterly and Bloggerly duties (yes, I just made up two words) whilst busy with my Daughterly and Motherly ones.

C'est la vie, mes amies!

I've been busy, though, planning and organizing a Cotton + Steel swap - by designer, in separate rounds - so you can participate in as many or as little as you like - with of course a separate round for their Basics line. We're in the midst of the Melody Miller round, but sign ups for the next round will be coming up soon (see below). Hang tight. Also working on a schedule for you all so that you know when to sign up for which Designers. (and we're swapping charms OR fat eighths, two separate sign ups for each Designer, your choice which [or both!] you'd like to sign up for). Next sign up starts Monday, August 4 at 0700am CST for Rashida Coleman-Hale's MOONLIT fabrics. This swap (in its entirety) is open to International residents - to save on postage you're encouraged to ship your orders to me, and I'll cut them for you. I'm nice like that.

Boo-ya!! My cut is a little wavy on the straights, but it was my first time
using a jig. YIPPEE for ME! I'm no longer a jig-virgin. WOOT!
If you've been following along for the last month on Instagram, you know that I've been up to all sorts of craziness - among other things, I have a 'new' 1937 Singer 201-2, for which I 'hacked' a Craigslist-find Ikea dining room table... yes. That's right. I cut a hole in it. Myself. And I'm gonna write a tut on how to do it since so many of you were interested about it! More on that, soon. I swear. When I get 30 minutes to write.


On to the stash share for this week!

1. Oliso Pro itouch Iron
just LOOK at that sexy iron!
(yes. I said 'sexy'. yes. an iron can be sexy. hehehe)
 Now, in case you think I'm some rich Diva quilter sitting around whippin' up quilts all day, spending lots of moola on super-fantastical irons, boy, am I not.

I spent every penny I've made in my Etsy shop this year on this iron. (insert awkward grin here). I'm still hoping it's a tax write-off.

Let's just say I had some 'splainin' to do, Lucy, when I opened the box and my husband saw it.

"Wait. Isn't that the iron from that show you watch? The quilting show? Fons and something?"

"Ya! Isn't it great?!"

"Doesn't it have some sort of computer in it?"

"Ya, isn't it great?!"

"Uh, isn't anything with a computer in it really expensive? Like, too expensive?"

"Ya! Isn't it great?!"

>>holy mother of irons Erin, think fast!!<<

Once I explained that it was 'company' money that purchased the iron, and how my old one wouldn't even press a yard without dying, he was a little more conducive to the new-iron notion. But what truly impressed me was that

a) he knew the name of the show I watch (close enough)
b) he actually was paying attention to the show whilst supposedly 'reading' a book - enough to notice the 'iron with a computer in it'.

I digress! Back to the iron.

Holy frickadoodles Batman. I love it.

I'm going to write a review on it at some point, hopefully before Massdrop ends up running another drop on it so that if you're thinking of buying one, maybe I can help you out if you have any questions, etc. I really want to use the iron for at least a month, though, before writing the (unsolicited!) review.

So far, so good. I really like it. It was kind of tough to get used to not having to flip it up, but it only took one sewing session to get it down pat.

Totally worth the $119 Massdrop was selling it for (normally runs anywhere from $169-$210). I'll try and keep you posted on when they're dropping the next Oliso, if they do. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and I am a (bit of a) Diva, just not a rich one. And I wish I could quilt all day. Too busy changing bumbums and singing "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" though. (which I wouldn't change for the world. I sure do love my kiddies!)

2. Lulu Magnolia by the Quilted Fish for RBD
A little while ago, I was lucky enough to win 4th place in the Blogger's Quilt Festival through Amy's Creative Side for my pixelated sewing machine quilt ("my first {pixelated}"). My gorgeous, gorgeous prize was a full FQB of Lulu Magnolia by the Quilted Fish! I received this line from the designer herself (Amanda, you rock!) before it was even in stores. How awesome is that??!!

What I love most about it is the pairing of navy and orange. I first saw this color combo on the cover of HGTV mag in the winter, and loved it. And the line just makes me want to be on vacation somewhere. It's really quite gorgeous.

3. Bobbin Thread
You'll also notice in the pic to the right a spool of thread. That would be Superior Threads® - The Bottom Line Polyester Thread #655 Off White 1,420 Yds.It's meant for bobbin, applique and quilting work. Mostly, I just want to try it for the bobbin. I'm really intrigued to see how much less often I will have to change my bobbin when quilting with this stuff. I had heard some good things about it, so I thought I'd throw one in the cart the last time we had to place an Amazon order. I'll also write a review on this, as well. I've heard poly can be a bit more slippery, and conducive to opened stitches at seam ends when piecing... we will see.

Okay. That's all I have to share for this week. That's enough, me thinks!

This post contains affiliate links to, and by FTC regulatory laws I must disclose this. If you make a purchase on Amazon after clicking my link I'll make a small commission on the sale, if it qualifies in their affiliate program. And by small, I mean, a few pennies :)

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  1. I have a tip for eliminating wavy straight cuts. See my rotary cutting tutorial.

    1. Umm, I'm pretty sure she's talking about the wavy straight cuts with the jigsaw when she was cutting the wooden table...

  2. I've taken your advice and ordered a thread stem thingy from Quilter's Paradise - it was very cheap and certainly worth a try.The postage looks like it will cost more than twice as much as the item :-) Now I'm off to Massdrop to buy a cone of Aurifil!
    You'd have a hard time persuading me to buy one of those irons though - I'd want it gold plated for that kind of money! Lynne.

  3. Hahahaha! "Ya, isn't it great?!" My hubby would probably react the same way. I'll be looking forward to your full review.

  4. I've been hankering for one of those Oliso irons ever since my quilt-y pal got one. I wish my current iron would give up the ghost so I can (sort of) justify buying one! I'm looking forward to your tut on how to hack the Ikea table... I'm re-vamping my studio and am giving some thought to a new work surface.

  5. Those swaps sound like so much fun...

  6. I have the perfect Ikea table that I plan on cutting into and dropping my machine into. Unfortunately it happens to be our main kitchen table right now. My husband said we can get a new dining table later this year though, so I'm waiting and ready with my jigsaw (I'm very proficient in using mine, just takes a bit of practice). I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the iron and the bobbin thread.

  7. great job you made of the table, I have a horn cabinet and when in my last house it was wonderful but have removed the machine as I stitch in the kitchen here (on an ikea table). Iron looks fab but I am still using an old non steam iron most of the time

  8. Wow, girl when you talk you talk, and major kudos to your husband! Can't wait to hear about the iron, mine died last week and I asked to borrow my MIL's and she threw a huge fit. would love to give a bill of a new iron to my husband and say "See look what your mom made me do" lol.

  9. I'm a fan of the Bobbin Line. Bobbins last FOREVER. It breaks a lot when I use it both top and bottom for quilting on my Bernina, but I have yet to try quilting with it on my Juki. Super great in the bobbin for decorative stitches and such.

  10. I will await your iron review with baited breath! I almost bought one of those and I swear it will be my next iron that I purchase! Happy ironing!


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