Update: Cotton+Steel Swap - MUSTANG line!

10:28:00 AM

Hi all!
Quick update on the first round of swapping (Melody Miller's "Mustang" line):

All fabric assignments have gone out to the email addresses you supplied when you signed up, along with a coupon code. Please check your emails and order your fabrics ASAP - there is a small expiry window on the code, and we all are eager to have this fabric in our hot little hands, tee hee.

As I begin to receive packages, I'll be posting teaser pics - stay tuned!

As well, the next designer and dates for sign up will be posted this Sunday, July 20th.

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  1. I ordered mine straight-away the other night. I am just having it shipped here, because I really want to see it and touch it before I send it off to be swapped. Silly, I know, because I'll spend more in postage. I did get notification last night that it was shipped, but I imagine I won't have it until next week. As soon as I get it, I'll cut it up and get it to you :) I can't wait!

  2. I haven't been this excited about a fabric swap in a long, long time! Thank you so much Erin for putting this together and making it so easy on us! :-)

  3. Moving right along! I'm waited for the announcement Sunday with bated breath. I really can't afford to do ALL the swaps so I'm hoping the next is one I picked to participate in! Great work as always, Erin!


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