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Hi all!

Welcome to Round 3 of the Sew at Home Mummy Great Cotton + Steel Swap. **This swap is open to internationals (i.e. outside of the US) - if you're from outside of the US, you can feel free to order and ship to me, I'll cut your fabrics for you, and PayPal invoice return shipping**

Today is sign-up day for the Basics round of the swap!

Please share this swap with any friends who may want to participate, or on your blogs or within your Guilds. I've had troubles filling some groupings in the past, and the sooner we fill the groupings, the faster the turnaround on your fabrics :)

Sew at Home Mummy

This is how this round will work - please read the rules and information before signing up. The rules for the fat eighth and charms sign-up for this round have changed slightly from the original rules stated previously, {here}, for this round.

For your reference, the entire line of Cotton + Steel Basics can be found on their site, {here}. I have also imaged them below for you.

If you choose to sign up for multiple spots, fill the form out for as many spots as you would like - i.e., let's say you'd like 2 spots for the charm square swap - fill the charm form out twice.

Fat Eighth Sign Up:
I have split the fat eighth group into two sign ups, with two different groupings of Basics prints (please see images below for the prints to be swapped in each group). There are so many prints in this line I was worried that buying so much yardage for people may have been cost prohibitive, so I've split it into two groups. 

Also, I want to be totally up front about this - You'll be sending me 18 F8s and getting 17 in return. The 18th will be kept by myself :) I hope this is okay with everyone - I have had several emails from people and have talked to fellow Guild members whom have participated in swaps with other bloggers and this seems to be how others are working it. I guess it makes sense for all of the time and tape and printer ink and bloggy posts, etc. (Uh, I actually had a friend participating tell me I was batcrap crazy for not getting anything in return (especially since I don't participate myself in each round)).

- You will be responsible for purchasing 2.25 yards of an assigned print for each spot you sign up for, which you will then cut into fat eighths, sending me 18 fat eighths. In return, you will receive one of each of the prints in the group you've signed up for (17 fat eighths will be returned to you - the remaining fat eighth will be lovingly acquired by your swap mama ;) )

- Please sign up for the group you'd like to be in, based on the images labeled below. (Click the images to enlarge):

- Please feel free to sign up for both groups, if you like! This would allow you one print, F8 cut, from the entire Basics line. And, if you want to participate in both a F8 swap(s) AND the charm square swap, please, go for it!

- You may sign up for multiple spots within each group. If you sign up for 2 spots, you're responsible for double the yardage (usually 2 separate prints), and you get double the fabric in return. Please fill the form out twice to fill 2 spots.

Charm Square Sign Up:
For the Charm Square swap of this round, if you sign up, you'll be responsible for purchasing 1.5 yards of your assigned fabric. You'll then send me 70 cut charm squares. This means each person will receive two of each print in the Basics line, for a total of 68 charm squares. (The remaining 2 charm squares goes to your lovely hostess with the mostest for doing a lot of the work *wink*)

- If you would like to participate in the charm AND F8 swap(s), please, feel free! Fill out the corresponding form(s) below.

Please be ready and willing to purchase your fabrics as soon as your fabric assignments go out. Several of the online distributers of C+S are experiencing a considerable back-log in ship times because of the popularity of the line. I aim to have a 3-week turnaround on your swap packages at most, and this is reliant on all participants purchasing and cutting and sending their fabrics to me as soon as possible. This allows us all to have our gorgeous packages in hand sooner! Yippee!!

Please remember to read the remaining rules on shipping, etc., {here}. Please note that I do send out specific instructions on cutting and return shipping for your reference!

Fabric assignments will go out as soon as both F8s and charm groups fill.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask! Leave a comment here below the post, or, email me {here}.

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  1. I missed the eights! Booo to work! It's interfering with my sewing time!

    1. Sorry Laura!
      Email me at
      if you're interested in being an alternate if someone backs out.

      If you like the Charms group is still open!

    2. P.S.
      Laura did you know you're a no-reply blogger? email me and I can help you to change it if you like!

  2. Hi Erin. Thank you for doing all this work. I fully agree that some of the fabric should go to you! I really appreciate the accomodations you made for us internationals. :)


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