Sunday Stash Share: clothing, typewriters and buttons....

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Happy Sunday everyone!

A quick reminder that tomorrow is the sign up for the Basics round of the Cotton+Steel swap here at Sew at Home Mummy! You can sign up to swap fat eighths or charms, or both!

The swap is open to internationals (i.e. outside of the U.S.). Internationals may ship their purchases directly to me to cut, and I'll PayPal First Class postage invoices out for your packages.

The rules have changed slightly for the Basics round - I have split the fat eighth group into two sign ups, with two different groupings of Basics prints. There are so many prints in this line I was worried that buying so much yardage for people may have been cost prohibitive, so I've split it into two groups. You will be responsible for purchasing 2.25 yards of an assigned print for each spot you sign up for, which you will then cut into fat eighths, sending me 18 fat eighths. You are more than welcome to sign up for both groups - this would ensure 1 fat eighth of every print in the line.

More information can be found by clicking the tabs in the top right sidebar of the blog.

Sign ups start tomorrow. First come, first served! Check back here, 7am CST, same Bat Channel.


Now for the weekly acquisitions.
Molli Sparkles

So, I recently picked up some Patchwork Threads T-Shirts for myself when Massdrop ran a special on them (I think it was $29.99 for 2 shirts, free shipping in the US). I received them Friday, and was super excited to try them on!
Ha! Did you think you'd see a pic of me modeling them?! NOPE! Have you seen the weather reports for Chicago lately?

It's friggin' tropic here.

The humidity is at about 10298023% and the temperature would melt your socks off.

So you can only imagine what my lovely, Irish-inherited not-so-nice-on-a-good-day curly hair looks like. Blargh I say, BLARGH!

Maybe some day soon you'll see my mug here or on Instagram parading around in these beauts. (Quick FYI: Massdrop has "Far Far Away" fat quarter bundles on right now, as well as Windham backing fabrics).

Second on the list:
...these fussy cut squares of Melody Miller's OOP typewriter print, canvas-y weight. I've been in love with this print ever since I first saw it. It'll make a gorgeous front cover to my notebooks me thinks. I picked them up off of an Instagram seller. Man, that #thegreatfabricdestash is a bad, bad thing.

Third up! Buttons!! Cute, wooden buttons!

I ordered them over a month ago through they had to come from China, so they took a while. Here's the listing if you're interested:Pack of 50g Over 100 PCS - Mixed Colours of Various Shaped Mixed Buttons for Sewing and Crafting

I'm so happy with them! They are super cute, and just what I had in mind. And for under $4, you can't go wrong!

Right! What stash additions are YOU happy about this week?? Sharesies!!

Please note this post contains affiliate links to If you click the link and make a purchase, I'll make a few pennies. Maybe I'll buy a presser foot in a year's time ;) Because of FTC laws & regulations, I must disclose this - it's the law, and let's face it, I'm an honest blogger. I'm the blogger who'll tell you you have toilet paper stuck to your virtual shoe. Seriously. Check your shoe.

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  1. just saying hi and I love your disclaimer (come on, you did want to know if anyone actually read it, right?). I'm planning to pick up a few C+S shortly when I'm in the U.S., but your F8 swap is seriously tempting!

  2. Awesome acquisitions! Love, love, love the typewriters.

  3. Love the buttons, I think you need to stop getting the Massdrop newsletter ;) you keep getting everything. Patiently waiting for the basics to go live!


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