Cotton + Steel - next round! THE BASICS

7:42:00 AM

Hi all!

Quick post!

The next round of C+S to be swapped here at Sew at Home Mummy are...The Basics!

Sign up starts August 25!

If you've signed up for the "Moonlit" round, I sent fabric assignments out on Thursday night - please check your inboxes and order your fabrics as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for playing along everyone!

More in the coming days.

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  1. August 25th, I can't wait, sign me up now! P.S. come over to the blog, I talked about you and I am having a giveaway!

  2. ordered, found it for 9.75 at Fabric Dot com, plus if you order 35.00 free shipping.. no problem there for me.

  3. I'm excited! My fabric came in two days ago-I get the day off tomorrow and I'll cut&mail! Yaaaaay!


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