FYI: Awesome prices on Kona, Aurifil, Quick Curve Ruler and Sew Steady Tables (Custom)

9:34:00 PM

Quick FYI:

Fat Quarter Shop has all Kona on 20% off right now with the coupon code RK2014:

Massdrop currently has Aurifil 40wt 12 packs ($81.99), Quick Curve Rulers (with 2 patterns - $24.99) and Sew Steady Tables (custom cut to your machine's specifications - $119.99) on right now for some pretty good prices!

Does anyone out there have a Sew Steady table? Is it really as good as they say? I have an extension on my Singer 9960, and it seems big enough, and ultimately I'd love to have the machine in a table one day, but any critiques out there? Wanna share with those reading this?

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  1. You know my hubby just built me a table...but I think having him cut a place in it for my machine would be awesome...but I am still going to check this site out...thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a Sew Steady table, but not this exact one in the drop, and I've only really used it once, but I'm not in love with it yet. I am working on a quilt now, so I'll see once I go to quilt if I am happier with it...

  3. So excited about the thread! Managed to get both colorways. Now I'm set for all the applique' I've been up to lately.


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