HOMEBODY and AUGUST Sign Ups - Cotton + Steel Fat Eighth Swap!

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Hi all!

Welcome to the 5th and 6th rounds, also the final rounds, of the Cotton + Steel swap here at Sew at Home Mummy!

The sign ups below are for the "August" and "Homebody" lines, separately. Please, feel free to sign up for both if you like! As well, it's on a first come, first served basis. If you would like multiple spots in one/each of the swap, fill out the form as many times as spots you would like. (i.e. - if you'd like two spots in the August swap, fill out the August form twice, etc.)

You'll notice that we won't be swapping charms these rounds - only fat eighths. I had troubles filling charms each round, despite that being the more popular option when my readership was polled.

Internationals (i.e. outside of USA):
Please feel free to sign up! Send your purchased fabrics to me to cut, and then I'll ship them out to you swapped. This'll save on time and money for ya!

Please read the rules as listed in this post. Please also note, the rules have changed slightly - you'll be sending me one extra F8 as my treat for doing all of the swapping and mailing - you'll notice I've explained further in the forms below.

Also note - please expect to purchase your fabrics as soon as your fabric assignment email is received from me, and your cut fabrics are expected to be returned to me within 2 weeks of the assignment email. I'll send along a list of shops carrying the lines.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please, email me {here}. And please share this swap with your IG and blog followers so we can fill it quickly, and get your fabrics out to you sooner!

Cheers everyone!

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