Still some spots left! And: another Cotton + Steel Swap???

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I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, wherever you be.

As of late, I've been running around like that proverbial chicken. I can't seem to get ahead, no matter how hard I try. 

I've been busy working on some quilty stuff in my downtime (HA! Funny.): 
A photo posted by Erin Davis (@sewathomemummy) on
...but tension issues seem to plague me over the last few days. I've ripped more stitches than I've sewn, it seems!

In other news, there are still 3 spots left in each of the "Homebody" and "August" sign-ups - if you're interested, go {here} to swap some fat eighths! If you have a blog or an Instagram account and would like to share about the swap, please do - I'd love ya for it. The faster we fill this, the faster we get swapping!

Coming soon to this blog near you:

Okay. So, it seems as though some of you (several, more like it...) have expressed interest in perhaps doing another round of Cotton + Steel swapping with the new lines, with an expected in the early part of next year.


I'm a glutton. What can I say.

Stay tuned. Sign ups start January 1. It'll be by designer again - sign up for as many or as few designers as you like. Fat eighths will be flying. As soon as the groups fill, and the fabrics hit the shelves, you'll have your assignments.

Pass it on! WOOT!

If you're on IG and would like to share this news, here's an IG button - and feel free to steal it for your blogs, too :)

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