Work in Progress Wednesday: Classic meets Modern quilt top #1

12:00:00 PM

Oh my goodness.
Every waking moment for the last several weeks has been full to the brim with kiddy and house-y related things. This has kept me away from my sewing much more than I would like, but, that's life!

I thought I would share the WIP I've been trying to work on when I have any down time (ha!)'s my first of two quilt tops I'll be assembling for the Classic meets Modern QAL I hosted last year here on my blog.

 ...several years ago I was at a quilt show and was partaking in a bit of shopping, when I came across a charm pack of moda's Vintage Modern. When we last moved, it was parked in a bin and I only just came across it in the fall this past year and knew it would fit the theme of my aqua and red blocks perfectly. I decided to use it as corner pieces in the sashing, and I think it looks really pretty.

I also have a few FQs and bits and pieces of Vintage Modern I've slowly collected over the years, and thought it best to integrate it into the backside of the quilt.

But: when it came to cutting the fabric up to make blocks and such I couldn't.  I needed a way to showcase the beauty of this line while making the back more interesting than just using huge pieces of the stuff.

So. What better a way to showcase the line than set-in circles?
I'm plugging away now on these circles. Takes a while, since I'm (obviously) a pinner...but that's okay. I love piecing circles!

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  1. Circles sounds like a wonderful solution. My quilts have a tendency to demand more work than I had originally intended too. I really like your setting and the mixed print cornerstones add a lot. Looking forward to seeing the backing.

    1. "My quilts have a tendency to demand more work than I had originally intended" ~ mine do too!!!

  2. Wow...the aqua and red quilt is stunning. Well done on the circles as well...curves are not my friend :)

  3. loving your colours!! Quilt top one is gorgeous

  4. Your quilt is looking great! Love your colour combo and the vintage modern range fits in perfectly! Linda

  5. I've never tried inset circles, but I suspect I would be a pinner too :) Your quilt is looking lovely and I hope you have more time to work on it soon.

  6. I can't wait to see these finished. I've never tried them and am a little intimidated (OK, a lot!).

  7. I love aqua and red together & your version is looking fantastic. I've never done inset circles, and chuckled as I read that those were the obvious choice to showcase the fabric, because that would have never crossed my mind ;-) I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them though.
    Happy Sewing ~ Tracy

  8. It is going to be fabulous! I seriously plan to get to my last block this weekend...:)

  9. I can't wait to see this quilt finished Erin...I've loved these blocks as you've been working on them.

  10. The circles are going to be amazing! Pin away and we'll be here for the finish! Can't wait to see it.

  11. Beautiful blocks! Love the colors.

  12. I love your Classic Meets Modern blocks. Setting them with the charm squares is a great idea. I have a few blocks that would look great put together that way. I am not so sure about trying circles though. I will look forward to seeing your finished project.

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  14. Your colors choices are just lovely. I don't like it when household things get in the way of my sewing projects, but I guess it's just one of those necessary evils.


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