At least my quilts are going to QuiltCon...

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Well, I had to cancel my trip to QuiltCon back in the fall...I have to have surgery, and my surgery date was immediately before QuiltCon dates. So I cancelled everything - hotel, my volunteer times, my classes.

Then my surgery date got bumped (D'OH!).

Then we bought a house and need to move mid February. And my surgery date is now rescheduled for early March. So it all worked out in the end.

Nonetheless, I'm a bit sad that I'm not able to travel to Austin this year. Not a bit, really, but quite. I had been saving for the trip for 2 years and was so looking forward to meeting people I'd only met online; to view all of these gorgeous quilts in person. To take classes from amazingly talented quilty shop! to see Austin.

(to get a MUCH needed break from ...ahem...motherhood...for a few days)

So! I'm excited to plan for the next QuiltCon. But - I'm excited - two of the four quilts I submitted are in Austin right now! They were accepted for judging! My first category judged quilts. I'm really looking forward to receiving the feedback so that I can improve my skills.

On to the quilts!

Fractured Churn Dash: Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge

The rules for submitting for this challenge was that the Spring Cotton Couture colors had to be dominantly used in the quilt; the front of the quilt had to be only MM solids (the binding and backing could be Michael Miller prints).

The outer borders of each churn dash in the quilt are the Spring Couture colors; the centers contain various Cotton Couture colors, in a gradation of shades from dark to light, top to bottom:

 I also included shades of black and greys bordering a few of the blocks, accentuating the angles of the quilt. I also quilted the quilt with a simple, 1" spaced, diagonal line pattern.

I had a lot of fun with this quilt - when it comes home from Austin, it'll be heading up to Canada - my mum has called dibs on this one.

This quilt is one of my favorites. It was my very first Bee quilt and features Kate Spain's "Serenade" line of prints for Moda.

This quilt top was a labor of love. Several of the blocks, once received back from their sewers, were incorrectly pieced or trimmed, and needed to be ripped apart and re-done.

I initially arranged this top in three more traditional orientations, ripping each apart, not happy with any of them. I needed to do something different.

I had a lot of fun with this quilt. It was pieced entirely on the fly; I had to do a bit of math with the angles...but it was a lot of fun. The binding is one of the prints from the line - the woodgrain in tan.
 The gorgeous quilting was done by Melissa at Sew Shabby. I highly recommend her - she's fantastic:

I'm glad that my quilts are going. I'm sad I won't get to meet some of you there, but for those whom are going - if you see one of my quilts there - will you take a selfie in front of them and tag me on Instagram?? I would LOVE that!!

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  1. Erin, so sorry you are not going but SEW happy these Kwilts are in the show...well deserved! Girl the churn my fav!

  2. I'm sad that you won't be going to QuiltCon. :( But you got a HOUSE! :) So that's even better! Good luck with your GORGEOUS quilts.. Migration is my favorite...

  3. You are so talented. I love that churn dash quilt! WOW!

  4. I'm glad you got quilts in the show! Congrats. The flying geese one is my favorite. I love your setting!

  5. Woot, something I helped make is going to QuiltCon. Coolest news ever. Even if it's just one block. I really do love how that flying geese quilt turned out.

  6. I will definitely look for your quilts at QuiltCon! I am going, but recently almost had to cancel because of my husband's work. So I can imagine how it feels for you- I'm sorry you won't be attending!

  7. Just wanted to tell you how much I ❤️love❤️ your quilt - 'Fractured Churn Dash'. Yes, I saw it hanging in QuiltCon 2015. Congrats on a spectacular twist of 'Modern Traditional' for the Michael Miller challenge & for getting 2 quilts IN QuiltCon! (I submitted three accepted ...maybe next time!)

  8. It would have been great to have you here in Texas.. I am hoping all turns out for you and your family with the new lovely home. The quilts are great. I stopped by to see how you handle your swaps, because I want to do a Lowvolumnswap..any advice would be great. especially in the postage area.. I have a sponsor to give us a 25 % discount and I would be excited to do my first time managing this. I cant wait to see pics of the house and I hope your well.


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