Happy Birthday, Audrey - a 'Big' Girl Room

9:00:00 AM

Last month saw my daughter turn the big 3.


Where has the time gone?!

She's at a funny age now where she's really starting to know how the world works. Things aren't just all literal anymore, she's grasping more and more abstract concepts everyday.

Which just cracks me up.

We asked her several times over the few weeks leading up to her birthday what she would like as a gift.

The answer was always the same: "a pink bedroom!"

Every. Single. Time.

She's too cute.

So I went with a pink and purple theme. I still have a lot to do with the room; she's insisting that she paint the walls herself (gah! help me!).

Grandma gave her a little table and chairs set, and her daddy and I gave her the pretty rug and dark pink curtains:

Surya Abigail rug in Eggplant
KRITTER Table & Chairs from IKEA
SANELA curtains from IKEA

The rug is from rugsusa.com - 

TIP: we bought a Groupon coupon for rugsusa.com which dropped the price of any purchased rug drastically!

Little birdie pictures are hand-me-downs; pink 'glass' lamp (it's actually plastic) from her baby nursery...
Surya Abigail rug in Eggplant
Visionar hanging decoration from IKEA
SMILA BLOMMA night lights from IKEA

These pics were snapped before the big reveal. She loves it!

This summer we will paint her room pink - I would be inclined to leave it the cream color it is, but she just won't let the pink paint drop, ha ha ha. She has an excellent memory.
Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl!

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  1. It's amazing how their little minds develop so quickly. My son just turned 5 last week and he gets more an more opinionated each day! They like what they like and there's no changing their opinions. My son is all about the color red. Thank goodness he's satisfied with red curtains and bedding. Don't think I could handle red walls!


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