Works in Progress Wednesday: Curtains for Baby Ewan

7:30:00 AM

(I should really stop calling him Baby Ewan. He's 16 months going on 5 years. The kid is a going concern.)

I have to apologize to my quilty-readers. I hope I've not been boring you too much as of late with all of my talk of decorating and house shtuff and DIY shenanigans.

Here I go again!

I'm busy making some curtains for Ewan's room out of this super fabulous duck cloth (I LOVE duck cloth. Didn't know it before this project, but now I do. LOVE.) with retro cars and trucks printed all over it.

I wanted a fabric that was boyish, but that wasn't too or overly juvenile - because he's a cool dude (but mostly because this mama is freakin' busy and won't have time in 2 years to make more curtains, hahaha.). I needed something that would grow with him but would be relatively easy to decorate around.

Plus: HOLY COW BATMAN, have you SEEN the cost of curtains nowadays??? Uh, wowzas.

Let's just say that I hit a home dec sale, with a coupon, at a popular online store and scored everything to make his curtains for a heck of a lot less than what I would have paid for the equivalent quality off the shelf.

I realized recently that it's been a long time since I have written and shared a tutorial with my readers, and I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get back into the swing of blogging by writing up this project.

Especially because I'm using grommets. Yup. And they are NOT scary, and you do NOT need any special tools. Hang on to your crafty panties, people. Cute things are coming.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Cute fabric for Ewan's curtains! Good luck with all your DIY projects.

  2. I just made some llined curtains for my living room (long ones - 96 inches) and used the grommets. So easy to use and I LOVE the look of them!

  3. I have to finish some valances for my living room and bought the grommets. Why do they feel scary??? Can't wait to see yours - maybe I will finish mine this weekend.

  4. I have fabric picked out to make bathroom curtains so I can't wait to see your tutorial! Soon Soon Soon!

  5. Love those cars... lucky you to have found such a great print in a perfect fabric weight. We don't have that much selection around here! :)

  6. I can't wait for your tutorial and to hear more about grommets!

  7. My grandson (2y) calls himself "Baby." We don't know where he got it since we don't refer to him that way. Must have been the baby sitter who had older kids.We just reply with his name.

    My daughter was talking with a friend about a kindergarten interview; the teacher asked when the child began to use "I" for himself. Friend had no idea.So Now my daughter is alerted to be watching. When you think about it , it is a complicated thing for little ones to learn.

    The curtains are cute. Having them be something to grow into is a great idea.

  8. I made curtains a few years ago for our kitchen and dining room and I used those grommets too. I was terrified for the first one and then amazed at how simple it was! And I love how they look. Love that fabric for Ewan's curtains. Oh, and Nathan (my youngest, who is 7) hates when people ask me, "Is THAT the baby?" because he thinks they're calling him a baby.


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