Flash Sale Alert

7:30:00 AM

Hi all!

Quick "Sharing the Coupon Love" Flash Sale alert!

Craftsy is having a flash sale on all of their online classes.

If you've never heard of Craftsy, or you've been a bit hesitant to purchase one of their online classes, you are missing out! I love that I can have access to the classes at any time, day or night, with no expiry date. And I can watch classes when I have time, press pause on that lesson, and when I come back to the video it brings me right to where I left off.

The instructors are great and are there to answer any of your questions (just leave your question in the comment box beside the video and they'll get back to you!).

If you're hesitant, try one of their free classes, see how they work.

Craftsy isn't just for quilting - they have knitting, cake making/decorating/cooking, jewelry, home and garden classes and more!

I've taken several of their quilting classes given by well known modern quilters and have loved it.

Happy learning everyone!

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